Silk Oat Yeah oatmilk products go beyond the beverage aisle


Silk Oat Yeah oatmilk products bring the plant based alternative beyond your morning latte. Are you ready for a creamy, craveable yogurt?

Your morning yogurt is getting an upgrade. Silk Oat Yeah oatmilk products are embracing the plant-based alternative movement. The oatmilk is used as the based to make a creamy, tasty yogurt alternative. Are you ready to dig in?

The new yogurt alternative comes in four flavors, vanilla, mixed berry, strawberry and mango. All four flavors are “dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free, certified gluten-free, Vegan Action Certified and Non-GMO Project Verified.”

These yogurts expanded on the brand’s oatmilk launch earlier this year. It is logical expansion as more and more people look for plant-based alternatives for their lifestyle choices.

Looking at the three flavors, they are a mix of traditional and trending. It is expected that vanilla would be a yogurt flavor. That traditional flavor works well in a variety of situations.
Silk Oat Yeah yogurts, photo provided by Silk
From a based to a smoothie to a layer in a parfait, vanilla is always a smart flavor choice. It has so many uses that a yogurt line has to include that traditional flavor.

More interesting is the mango flavor. Tropical fruits are becoming more and more popular. Instead of the blueberries or peaches, the tropical flavors are enticing people to try something brighter, bold and sometimes more flavorful.

Adding mango to the four flavor line shows that people have expanded their flavor profiles. Mango is no longer an exotic fruit. It is a part of the flavor landscape and will be here to stay.

Overall, the expansion of oatmilk based foods shows that plant-based alternatives are a growing part of today’s food world. Whether people are looking for healthier alternatives or just looking to balance their food choices, these foods will continue to expand.

More importantly, the call for these types of foods should bring more options, flavors and foods. Yogurts will be just the start. Grocery stores might start having a whole section of just plant-based alternatives.

The new Silk Oat Yeah oatmilk yogurts are starting to roll out into stores now. A 5.3 oz cup has a suggested retail of $1.89.

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Will you try these Oat Yeah Oatmilk Yogurt Alternatives? Do you follow a plant-based or flexitarian lifestyle?