Chef Paul Kahan unveils MorningStar Farms Chorizo Taco to the delight of flexitarians


As plant-based proteins have become more plentiful, Chef Paul Kahan unveiled his MorningStar Farms Chorizo Taco to the delight of flexitarians everywhere.

Plant-based proteins have become a mainstay on restaurants menus and in home meals. MorningStar Farms and Chef Paul Kahan are showcasing how a veggie-taco is elevated, bursting with flavor and creative. Could this Chorizo Taco become your new Taco Tuesday favorite?

Unveiled at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, the exclusive MorningStar Farms Chorizo Taco showcases that a plant-based protein in an innovative, creative way. While this ingredient can be a substitute for traditional chorizo, it can spur more creativity in the kitchen.

The MorningStar Farms Chorizo Crumbles were used in this recipe because “they cook much like real chorizo,” said Chef Kahan. With the brands versatile portfolio, he said that the brand is a “great culinary partner to help Chefs innovate plant-based protein menu items.”

This particular taco features “the MorningStar Farm Chorizo Crumbles and includes pasilla salsa, frijoles churros, Oaxacan crema, green onions, and cilantro wrapped in Big Star’s fresh, housemade tortillas.” If a vegan variety is preferred, the Oaxacan crema is removed.

MorningStar Farms Chorizo Taco from Chef Paul Kahan, photo provided by Morningstar Farms

The key to this taco’s success is that it offers the robust flavors that foodies want. There is no compromise in the taste and texture. In a way, the increase in innovative, plant-based proteins offers chefs more menu creativity.

Even in just the past year, plant-based protein alternatives are on the rise. The consumers are demanding these foods. It isn’t just the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle followers. The flexitarian lifestyle has become balanced choice for many people.

More importantly, these plant-based alternatives are have both the taste and texture that consumers want. Long gone are the days of dry, flavorless substitutions. In truth, some of these alternative foods are more flavorful than the traditional options.

Additionally, celebrity chefs are embracing these plant-based alternatives. Since the quality has risen, they are more willing to experiment with the product. Just like exotic produce and spices have evolved menus, these ingredients will as well.

As consumers continue to demand these plant-based alternatives, restaurants will continue to add them. From the local, family run restaurants to nationwide fast food chains, these new menu items have become permanent fixtures.

If you are attending the National Restaurant Association Show, guests can try the MorningStar Farms Chorizo Taco. Additionally, Big Star Wicker Park and Big Star Wrigleyville in Chicago will serve this taco May 18 through June 30.

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What would you make with the MorningStar Chorizo Crumbles? Have you added more plant-based alternatives to your favorite recipes?