Is the Impossible Whopper coming to your local Burger King?


After a successful launch in St. Louis, the Impossible Whopper is joining the menu in three new cities. Are you prepared for the flame grilled possibility?

It definitely isn’t a joke the second time around. The Impossible Whopper is ready for a bigger roll out. With the success in St. Louis, Missouri, Burger King has decided to add the plant based burger to the menus in three more cities. Did your hometown make the cut?

According to Burger King, the Impossible Whopper will be added to menus in Miami, Florida, Columbus, Georgia and Montgomery, Alabama. To celebrate this rollout, Burger King has an Impossible Whopper Bus Tour stopping by each of the cities.

Given the three new cities adding the plant based burger to the menu, this scenario seems to support the idea that the Impossible Burger will be added to more and more locations, with a nationwide rollout sometime in the future. How quickly that scenario can happen is questionable.

Adding an item like this one on a national level can take a significant undertaking. While Impossible Burgers are available at various national chains, the potential number of plant based burgers for a nationwide Burger King placement is significantly larger. These periodic rollouts seem logical.

These three new cities are an interesting choice for the launch. Miami seems like a smart option. The Southern Florida city has embraced the Impossible Foods movement. Flexitarian eating is popular. Also, people tend to be willing to try food trends.

Impossible Whopper Tour, photo provided by Burger King

The other cities may not seem like obvious choices. They are relatively close to each other. Additionally, they are close to Auburn. There are numerous museums and lots of outdoor activities. Maybe the focus on the outdoor activities lends itself to the plant-based food choices.

Hopefully an enthusiastic response in these three cities will mean that the Impossible Whopper will be heading to a Burger King in your hometown.

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Would you order the Impossible Whopper? What do you think of the plant based burger trend?