Let’s celebrate Christmas in July with these tasty treats


Are you ready for Christmas in July? From tasty treats to Food Network shows, everyone is feeling a little winter chill on a hot summer day.

It might be the height of summer but Christmas in July is in full force. From Christmas-themed foods to Food Network programming, it seems that Santa is spreading some Christmas cheer beyond the North Pole.

Christmas in July is an unofficial holiday, but it isn’t quite clear where the idea began. It could be that the summer heat has everyone craving colder weather, comforting foods or just because. Still, more and more people are getting into the festive celebrations.

Luckily, Little Debbie is totally embracing the “winter” inspired holiday with its Christmas Tree Cakes. Now available on store shelves, these snack cakes are the perfect sweet treat to mark the occasion.

The box is decked out with Santa relaxing on the beach (who knew that Santa vacations away from the North Pole?). He even sent a postcard reminding everyone that he’s always checking his infamous list.

Little Debbie Christmas in July snack cakes, photo provided by Cristine Struble

The Christmas Tree Cakes are vanilla cakes with a sweet icing. While they might look holiday-inspired (and usually found only at the holidays), they are a perfect pairing for summer barbecues or just because afternoon indulgence.

The limited time Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes are available at Walmart. The 5-pack box retails for $2.00 and will be available through July.

Food Network is embracing the Christmas in July theme this week. A special episode of Holiday Baking Championship aired this week. It was the first time a special episode of this series aired.

Those amazing ice cream cake creations showcased all types of winter-inspired flavors, but combined the two seasons. It was perfect inspiration for the home baker.

In a way, creating an ice cream cake is the perfect way to celebrate this wintery holiday in summer. The combination of cake and ice cream is always a crowd favorite, just make sure that you keep the cake in the freezer (if you watched the episode, you will understand the reference).

A quick search of Food Network or other recipe sites offer a variety of options. Or, if you aren’t craving a particular flavor, head to your favorite ice cream store for an ice cream cake. Remember Carvel’s Cookie Puss cake is perfect on any occasion.

While it might be hard to find peppermint or eggnog ice cream in stores, don’t fret. You could make your own peppermint ice cream at home. Simply mix in some peppermint pieces into a classic vanilla ice cream.

In a way, Christmas in July celebrates that holiday cheer that everyone seems to have later in the year. Wouldn’t it be nice to share some good vibes, happiness and all year round?

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What are your favorite Christmas-themed foods? Would you celebrate the holidays in July?