Froot Loops Birthday Cake cereal makes every day a celebration


Every day can be your birthday with Froot Loops Birthday Cake cereal. Is your cereal bowl ready for this tasty celebration?

Shouldn’t every day be a celebration? With the new Froot Loops Birthday Cake cereal, every time you pour another  bowl of cereal, it is a celebration. While you don’t need to put on a birthday hat, you might want to sing the praises of this new Kellogg’s cereal.

Available at select retailers, the limited edition Froot Loops Birthday Cake is said to have a “strawberry flavor with the bright colors and sprinkles of a frosted birthday cake.” Even though the cereal pieces are brightly colored, the flavor is said to be strawberry birthday cake.

Looking at this flavor statement, the choice of strawberry is quite interesting. While birthday cake has become a flavor, it is more often more towards vanilla flavor.

Although FoodSided hasn’t done a taste test, the flavor should be sweet, but not overly so. The best part of a strawberry flavor has a hint of tart. Truthfully, the best part of this cereal will be the cereal milk at the bottom of the bowl.

New, limited-edition Froot Loops Birthday Cake, photo provided by Kellogg’s

Kellogg’s has embraced strawberry flavors recently. Earlier this year, the iconic Rice Krispies added strawberry to its line-up. Could strawberry be the trending cereal flavor?

In a way, this new cereal flavor shows how cereal isn’t just for breakfast anymore. From cereal being transformed into desserts to a meal any time of day, cereal is a staple in every pantry.

To show how this new Froot Loops flavor brings the celebration, Kellogg’s is using this new cereal as the inspiration for the Kellogg’s New York City Café’s third birthday party. The first 113 guests on July 13 (Kellogg’s has been making cereal for 113 years), will get to enjoy a slice of the celebratory cake made Froot Loops Birthday Cake and Rice Krispies Treats.

The Kellogg’s New York City Café has been shown how cereal can be transformed in so many ways. From the Duff Goldman sweet and savory recipes to reliving childhood memories, cereals is and will continue to be part of everyone’s food conversation.

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Will you be searching for the new Froot Loops Birthday Cake cereal? What’s your favorite cereal memory?