Best Ballpark Hot Dogs: Take me out to a ball game?

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Hot Dog at Dodger Stadium, photo provided by Levy Restaurants

Hot Dog Fun Facts

While Chicago’s O’Hare airport might sell the most hot dogs, baseball parks sling a lot of hots dogs. From the West Coast to the Windy City, hot dogs and baseball are a winning combination. The numbers can be astonishing.

For example Dodger Stadium sells over 2.5 million hot dogs each year. Even in the trendy Los Angeles food scene, the hot dog holds its place in the food world.

Los Angeles isn’t the only location that loves their hot dogs. In Marlins Park, during playoff games, 16 hot dogs per minute are sold. From the specialty dog, the Butifarra Dog to just a hot dog, maybe this food choice is the fans’ rallying cry.

Of course, the most iconic baseball and hot dog tradition goes back to Chicago. The infamous Chicago Dog is a culinary legend. Both north side and south siders agree, that a Chicago baseball game isn’t complete without this baseball favorite.

Still, the hot dog, even a gourmet version, will always be part of baseball tradition. In honor of National Hot Dog Day, here are FoodSided’s best ballpark hot dogs from this year.