Best Ballpark Hot Dogs: Take me out to a ball game?

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Best Spicy Hot Dogs, photo provided by Levy Restaurants

Best Spicy Hot Dogs

Isn’t life a little brighter with some spice? Spicy foods are becoming more and more popular. While some people crave the bold heat, even a burst of flavor can make a huge difference in a dish.

Hot dogs are getting a spicy makeover, too. Whether you prefer intense heat or a smoky, hint of the flame, several of these hot dogs should make the must try list.

At Chase Field, the Big Jalapeño Popper Dog is definitely for the hearty appetite. The footlong Schreiner’s Fine Sausage all-beef hot dog is not for the timid eater.

Topped with roasted jalapeño, crispy jalapeños, bacon, onions and cream cheese, this hot dog has layers of flavors that will surprise you. The two different jalapeños really make this hot dog tasty.

While many people seek out the Chicago Dog, Wrigley Field’s Southwest Fiesta Hot Dog is quite a flavor experience. The beef frank has house-made pickled peppers with pico de gallo. Topped with crunchy tortilla strips and drizzled with chili-lime crema, this hot dog might become your second favorite Wrigley Field choice.

At Dodger Field, the Going the Yard takes a different approach to the hot dog. This 16.5-inch jalapeño cheddar sausage is for the extreme appetite.

This tasty bite is quite impressive with its condiments. The roasted corn and avocado relish tames the flame but adds big flavor. It is definitely a must try.