Best Ballpark Hot Dogs: Take me out to a ball game?

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Best Ballpark hot dogs, photo provided by Levy Restaurants,

Twist on the classics

Sometimes a twist on the classic can re-energize your love of a particular food. These twists on the classic hot dog are definitely worth a taste.

At Chase Field, the All-Day Breakfast Dog takes those classic breakfast flavors and puts them on the bun. Plus, it is so big, you will be full all game long.

The All-Day Breakfast Dog covers a 18-inch Schreiner’s Fine Sausage hot dog with hash browns, fried eggs, country gravy, bacon and Tapatío hot sauce. It sounds like you might need a fork for this hot dog.

For a sweet and spicy bite, the Dodger Sausage is quite tasty. The grilled al pastor sauce is topped with pineapple chunk and pineapple salsa. Sweet and heat is quite satisfying.

For an extreme, but popular choice, the Butifarra Dog is a top choice at Marlins Park. The pork sauce is topped with Frito pie and aioli. With the addition of Spanish Ibérico pork chili and Idiazabal cheese sauce, your inner foodie will be cheering in delight.

Since everything is better with bacon, the Beanie Weenie at Tropicana Field should be added to the must eat list. The deep-fried all beef hot dog, wrapped in bacon gets even more extreme when it is topped with baked beans and coleslaw.

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