Cinnamon Toast Crunch and the Cinnamojis invite you to a Cinnaverse Experience


Do you love Cinnamon Toast Crunch? With the adorable Cinnamojis, a new look revitalizes the taste, sight, smell and feel of the favorite cereal.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch is a beloved cereal. For more than 35, the iconic General Mills cereal has been a top choice with young, old and everyone in between. To keep the brand evolving, the adorable Cinnamojis will be taking over packaging this fall.

One of the reasons why this cereal has become a favorite with so many people is the delicious, sweet cinnamon flavor. And, the flavor Cinnamilk, the milk that is left after eating the cereal, is the bonus. Nothing can recreate that scrumptious milk that is the perfect end to eating a bowl of this cereal.

To capture the vibrant vibe of the favorite cereal, the brand has revamped the packaging. The new packaging will feature bold colors, more fun and a feeling of definitely some more crunch.
Cinnamojis on Cinnamon Toast Crunch, photo provided by General Mills
With bold colors and more Cinnamojis, the new packaging definitely adds more personality to the cereal. 16 character faces will be featured on the back of boxes.

The Cinnamojis have seemed to take their place in pop culture. As emojis have become the way that many people communicate, these adorable characters deserve their moment outside the bowl.

To celebrate the new packaging, Cinnamon Toast Crunch is hosting special Cinnaverse Experience. These special pop-up events held in Santa Monica, Houston and Chicago will immerse Cinnamon Toast Crunch world.
Cinnaverse Experience, photo provided by General Mills
According to Susan Pitt, Director of Marketing for General Mills cereal, this experience and the new look brings fans “a fresh, new way to fuel more fun, more color and most importantly – more crunch.” While fans are able to step inside the box, the brand never loses sight of the aspects that have made it a fan favorite.

With the Cinnamojis inviting fans to feed their senses, the fun associated with the cereal takes center stage. Eating a bowl of this cereal is more than just food in a bowl. From the swirl to the rich aroma, these Cinnamojis convey all the feelings that happen when you eat this cereal.

If you are a huge fan, take a moment to visit one of the Cinnaverse Experiences. The Santa Monica experience runs from July 18-21, the Houston experience runs from August 8-11, and the Chicago experience runs from August 22-25. Each location will feature a variety of activities, including a tasting room.

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Are you a Cinnamon Toast Crunch fan? How often do you eat a bowl of cereal?