Wienermobile is the ultimate Airbnb rental and it could be yours


The Wienermobile always brings a smile to young, old and everyone in between. Now the infamous hot dog vehicle could be your ultimate Airbnb rental.

The iconic Wienermobile is a sight to see. Whether driving down the highway or stopped at a fun event, that Oscar Meyer hot dog vehicle cannot be missed. After all, how often do you see a 27-foot hot dog on wheels?

Looking back at the history, the first version was created back in 1936 by Carl Mayer. There are numerous Wienermobiles in the fleet and the vehicle has taken on several upgrades and modifications. Still, only a few, privileged Hotdoggers have been able to fully experience it.

Now, in honor of National Hot Dog Day, the iconic Oscar Mayer vehicle is becoming an Airbnb. For the first time ever, hot dog fans and pop culture fanatics can book the hot dog for a one night stay via Airbnb.

This Airbib offer is quite limited, but that scenario is to be expected. It isn’t like the iconic vehicle is going to show up at your home for an overnight stay. The “home” will be in Chicago for Lollapalooza weekend, August 1 through 4.

Reservations are just for one night, either August 1, 2 or 3. Two guests can enjoy the stay. And, you have to get yourself to Chicago for the experience, no airfare or other transportation is included.

Would you book the Wienermobile for your next Airbnb? photo provided by Oscar Mayer

If you want to book this once in a lifetime Airbnb experience, booking requests begin on Wednesday, July 24. Most likely, there will be many, many requests. Good luck to everyone.

Looking at the photos, the space seems cozy. Those Hotdoggers seem to have a nice place to stay while they travel across the country. Sure, it might not be a gigantic palace, but isn’t the tiny house movement still on trend?

It is nice that the experience comes with a little patio. Given that the booking is around Lollapoolza, it could become a talked about spot during the annual music festival. Wouldn’t you want to be known as the person who is staying in the Wienermobile?

It isn’t clear if the experience comes with some Oscar Mayer hotdogs or other Oscar Mayer foods. It would be nice to at least add that option onto the stay. Can you image the tailgating that you could do with this space?

Wienermobile becomes an Airbnb, photo provided by Oscar Mayer

In a way, this experience blends the part of being a kid with the pop culture image/moment driven world. I still remember my kids’ excitement the first time they experienced the iconic hot dog vehicle in person. As they got their Wienie Whistle and laughed in delight, those memories flood back when they see that gigantic hot dog driving down the road.

Those lucky few who get this exclusive Airbnb experience will have stories to tell for a lifetime. Even those people who see it from afar will have stories to tell. Just like food creating memories around the table, these moments will be live long after the hot dog vehicle drives away.

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Will you try to book at night in the Wienermobile? Have you seen the iconic hot dog vehicle in person?