Kahlúa encourages you to embrace the moment, not the likes


Are you obsessed with ”likes” on social media? Kahlúa wants to celebrate the un-liked and hopefully encourage you to embrace the moment.

The lure of social media and the “like” can be all consuming. Kahlúa wonders if this desire to be liked, loved and oogled on social media is really fulling. What if the un-liked was as celebrated as the liked?

In many ways, people today don’t feel that they have experienced something unless they share it on social media. But, that sharing, or sometimes over-sharing, can lead to disappointment.

Have you ever had that photo, the one you took time to stage, edit and perfect, receive no likes. Not a single heart, thumbs up or recognition. Are you left feeling under-valued, dismissed or maybe feel completely destroyed?

Kahlúa wants to recognize those zero likes posts through its Zero Like Given exhibition. This exhibition is comprised of photos that have received no love on Instagram. Where others might have passed these images over, the coffee liqueur is celebrating the un-liked in big way.

This exhibit is real and will be held from July 25 through July 28. Anyone, including those who get limited Instagram love, can reserve tickets for the event.


In a way, this exhibit sparks a conservation on people’s obsession with social media. In a study performed by Kahlúa , it found that “more than half of millennials have missed an important moment because they were trying to capture it on social media.” That statement is both profound and scary.

Personally, I understand the craving to capture the perfect food photo of that dish everyone has been raving over. With phone in hand, you move the plate, ask someone for more light and snap away. But, by the time you are done, that impeccable dish is cold and never what the chef intended when it left the kitchen.

Sure, I might have that drool-worthy photo, but I will never know just how good that dish will taste. It was all about sharing that moment versus enjoying that moment for myself.

Additionally, when no one likes that perfected moment, my satisfaction of the whole experience diminishes. It doesn’t matter if I thought that meal was utter perfection. When no one appreciates my captured moment, the dis-satisfaction lingers.

This Kahlúa is a great discussion point. Do we share on social media for ourselves, to make others jealous, to boast or to make ourselves feel important? If the likes don’t matter, why do we beat ourselves up for the posts with no love?

In addition to the Zero Like Given exhibition, Kahlúa is flipping the conservation with the #BottomNine grouping. Sometimes the most liked posts are the best ones, they just happened to be seen the most. Why not celebrate all the photos, not just the popular ones. Those bottom nine could really tell your true story.

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What do you think of Kahlúa and its Zero Like Exhibition and #BottomNine activation? Will they make you rethink your social media usage?