Red Lobster serves up fin-tastic pairings for Shark Week


Red Lobster is excited for the annual Shark Week. While shark might not be on the menu, these fin-tastic suggestions will have you diving in for seconds.

Red Lobster is probably one of the most well-known seafood restaurants. While those tempting cheddar biscuits make your mouth water, the vast and varied seafood menu keeps diners coming back. With Shark Week quickly approaching, the brand has created dish suggestions just for the annual event.

While everyone enjoys the good play on words, man eating shark, these menu suggestions are a little more approachable to the general audience. Each menu option plays off the Shark Week episode airing on that day.

From huge platters to classic combos, there is an option for every palate and appetite. Ready to dig in?

Sunday, July 28 – Shark Trip: Eat. Prey. Chum. and Red Lobster’s Seaside Sampler

Shark Week always begins on a Sunday. The first episode features a big gathering of celebrities and Red Lobster suggests enjoying the Seaside Sampler. This meal offers a huge amount of variety. From parrot isle coconut shrimp to seafood-stuffed mushrooms, it is the dish to choose when you want it all.

Monday, July 29 – Legend of Deep Blue and Red Lobster’s New! Crabfest® Surf & Turf

Have you heard of Deep Blue? Allegedly the largest great white shark in the world, this creature serves at that episode’s menu pairing. As the shark experts head to Guadalupe Island, the recommended recommended pairing is the new Crabfest Surf and Turf. After seeing how huge that shark could be, you might want to stay closer to shore.

Red Lobster dinner, photo provided by Red Lobster

Wednesday, July 31 – Capsized: Blood in the Water and Parrot Isle Jumbo Coconut Shrimp Platter

This episode might be the must watch feature of the whole week. Josh Duhamel debuts in Capsized: Blood in the Water. While we are rather certain he survives, no one will want to take attention from these epic shark moments.

Red Lobster recommends grabbing a party platter of Jumbo Coconut Shrimp. The classic shrimp dish is always a popular choice and it makes for easy eating when you can’t take your eyes away from the television screen.

Friday, August 2 – Isle of Jaws: Blood Brothers and Red Lobster’s Ultimate Feast

Do you know the mystery of two great white shark brothers? If solving a mystery makes you hungry, Red Lobster’s Ultimate Feast will satisfy that appetite. From the Maine lobster tail to the garlic shrimp and even some snow crab legs, this feast is only for the big appetites.

Red Lobster, Lobster and Shrimp Roll, photo provided by Red Lobster

Saturday, August 3 – Sharks Gone Wild 2 and Red Lobster’s Chilled Lobster & Shrimp Roll

With Shark Week coming to a close, it is time to go big. The lobster roll is an iconic dish that is always a delicious choice. Just like those viral videos that keep you glued to your screens, this lobster and shrimp roll always satisfies.

Of course, these dishes are just a few suggestions. Guests can create their own food choices based on their favorite entrees. Isn’t food supposed to be fun and creative?

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Will you head to Red Lobster for some Shark Week bites? Do you have a shark story to share?