Ready to power up? Sugarfina launches a Nintendo Collection


When candy and video games come together, the collaboration is a sweet high score. The Sugarfina and Nintendo partnership is win for everyone.

Just announced, Sugarfina has created a Nintendo Collection. In partnership with the entertainment company, the luxury confections brand celebrates some of the iconic parts of the gaming world. From the classic controller to the favorite Super Mario Bros. characters, these sweet treats are more than just tempting.

Many people grew up with Nintendo and Super Mario Bros. The characters are a fixture in pop culture. Who didn’t spend hours glued to their controllers and screen?

For example, Rosie O’Neill, co-founder and co-CEO of Sugarfina, said, “I spent many Saturday mornings playing Super Mario Bros. on my classic NES – which I still have! – so this collaboration brought back tons of fun memories from childhood.”

In a way, candy often brings out the kid in everyone. There is something simple, fun and enjoyable about eating some sweet treats without a care in the world. From brightly colored treats to creative packaging, candy is meant to be enjoyed as a simple pleasure.

Nintendo Collection by Sugarfina, photo provided by Sugarfina

For this collection, Sugarfina pushed the boundaries in the packaging. In an innovative twist, the Candy Bento Box plays music. According to the brand, the Candy Bento Box opens “to resemble the original 1985 console and opens to reveal the Super Mario Bros. end-of-level castle scene, complete with iconic music from the game.”

That concept is a perfect blend of candy and video game. Just like the fan plays the game, she can play with the candy. It isn’t just about blindly eating some sweet treats. The whole experience becomes interactive and, in some ways, even more enjoyable.

In addition to the Candy Bento Box, this collaborative line featured character candy cubes. The characters include both new flavors and classic candies. Each candy references the favorite characters.

Specifically for this collaboration, three new flavors were created, Mario’s Invincible Stars, Green Mushrooms and Red Mushrooms. Beyond the shapes, the flavors of these candies are interesting.

The Invincible Stars are pineapple flavored. Give the color and shape, this flavor choice was smart. It is doubtful is anyone wanted lemon flavored candies.

The other two shapes, the Green Mushrooms and Red Mushrooms, appeal more on the visual. Each has classic flavors, apple and cherry.

This candy collaboration should be a huge hit with gaming fans. Whether someone is throwing a themed party or just trying to connect with a favorite video game, there will be many people who will be purchasing these sweet treats.

The Sugarfina Nintendo Collection will be available in stores and online starting July 22.

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Are you a huge Nintendo fan? What other video games would you like to see transformed into candy?