Coffee mate makes cupcakes for breakfast a reality with Red Velvet coffee creamer


Need a little sweet treat to start your day? The new Red Velvet coffee creamer from Coffee mate brings all the flavor of that classic cake and mornings just got sweeter.

What can make that morning coffee even better? The new Red Velvet coffee creamer from Coffee mate could be that sweet answer. Launching in September, the newest flavor in the vast Coffee mate creamer line brings all the flavor of that classic red velvet dessert. Now, it is totally acceptable to have some cake for breakfast.

Coffee mate continually looks to expand its flavors. From adding options based on favorite candy bars, like Snickers, to including seasonal favorites, like Pumpkin Spice, the brand understands that that cup of coffee is far from boring. While some people might want plain, black joe, more and more people are looking for a sweet, flavorful boost to their morning.

The Red Velvet flavor is part of the brand’s limited edition flavors. Described as “with notes of chocolate cake and a slight cream cheese flavor” the coffee creamer should have an intriguing balance of sweet yet slightly tart. That combination is what makes red velvet so satisfying. The richness of the chocolate is balanced by the cream cheese.

While red velvet cake has an deep, red color, it does not appear that the coffee creamer will have that same coloring. In a way, it is probably best that coffee stays away from unusal colors. No one needs to be startled early in the morning.

natural bliss Maple Almond Milk, photo provided by Coffee mate

In addition to this new product launch, Coffee mate announced other seasonal flavors returning to store shelves. An interesting addition is the Natural Bliss Maple Almond Milk. Almond milk creamers have become more and more popular. This flavor, made with natural maple flavor, blends almond milk and pure cane sugar to bring that fall favorite to your coffee.

While many people eagerly anticipate the return of pumpkin spice, the maple flavors deserve their spot in the fall seasonal flavors. In many cases, those maple flavors can be as comforting as the other warm spices. Plus, when there is PSL overload, these flavors offer a nice respite.

The Coffee mate seasonal flavors will hit store shelves in September. The four flavors are Coffee mate Red Velvet, Coffee mate Pumpkin Spice, natural bliss Pumpkin Spice and natural bliss Maple Almond Milk.

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What is your favorite coffee creamer flavor? Would you want to try the Coffee mate Red Velvet coffee creamer?