Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day is back, Blizzards for all on July 25


Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day is July 25 and everyone will be heading to DQ for a Blizzard and to raise funds for a worthy charity.

Can eating a Blizzard make a different to a child in need? On Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day, July 25 is the time when Blizzards are more than just frozen treats. For the 14th year, DQ is raising funds and awareness for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Each year, Miracle Treat Day, is “one of the largest single day fundraising events” for the charity. In 2018, DQ operators “contributed more than $4 million to local CMN Hospitals.” That staggering amount definitely makes a difference in both children’s and families’ lives.

The fundraiser is simple. At participating independently owned DQ locations, “one dollar or more from every Blizzard” goes to “non-profit organization, providing support to kids and families at local hospitals across the country.”

Any Blizzard is part of this promotion. From the always popular Oreo Blizzard to the new Sour Patch Kids Blizzard, there is a flavor for just about anyone. Plus, maybe this charitable event is an excuse to buy an extra Blizzard, just because.

While everyone enjoys this tasty charitable fundraiser, the concept is more than just a good reason to indulge in another Blizzard. It can be the spark of something positive, good and meaningful.

So often people are overwhelmed by the negative that the simple, positive moments are overlooked and forgotten. Maybe on this Miracle Treat Day it could be the catalyst to start a conversation with a kid, friend or even a stranger.

Just like spreading a smile can create a moment of pure joy, taking a moment to connect with someone could spark some positivity. If your face is always buried in your phone, you might miss the goodness all around you.

Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day is July 25 at participating locations. Even if you don’t have a DQ close to your home, take a moment and spread some positivity to the people around you. Sometimes miracles start with one small action.

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Will you be celebrating Miracle Treat Day? What Blizzard will you be ordering?