Tequila cocktails: Margaritas, Palomas and more oh my!

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When someone says tequila cocktails, margaritas might instantly come to mind. With a little creativity, a tequila cocktail can be quite flavorful.

On National Tequila Day, tequila cocktails seem to be everywhere. From margaritas to palomas to even a tequila sunrise, these cocktails seem to pique everyone’s interest. What cocktail will you be shaking up?

For some people, they have a love it or hate it relationship with tequila. Sure, those Spring Break memories from long ago might cloud your memory. But, today’s tequila and tequila cocktails are far from those overly sweet, flavorless creations from college.

Like any good cocktail, tequila cocktails can be absolutely delicious. With the right tequila and quality ingredients, everyone can rediscover the nuanced flavor that tequila can offer.

If you are a little hesitance to sip on a tequila cocktail, start simple. A quality tequila is the most important factors to the cocktail. With so many options, find a tequila that appeals to your favorite flavors. Light, aged or longer aged all have different flavor profiles.

In a way, the only rule when it comes to enjoying tequila or any of these cocktails is to drink what you like. Modify a recipe, experiment with an ingredient. In the end, if you mess up, you just make another cocktail.

Whether you are celebrating National Tequila Day or just want to experiment with tequila cocktails, here are some of FoodSided’s favorites.