Tequila cocktails: Margaritas, Palomas and more oh my!

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Camarena Old Fashioned, photo provided by Camarena

Transform a classic cocktail with tequila

If you have a signature cocktail that you love, who says that cocktail can only be served with one particular liquor. What if you changed that rum for tequila?

For example, a tequila mojito can be a great way to explore tequila’s flavor. If you love the sweet mint flavors of a mojito, see how tequila can add to the mint’s depth. Or, maybe the sugar can bring out the vanilla notes in the tequila.

"TEQUILA HERRADURA MOJITO Ingredients • 2 parts Tequila Herradura Silver • 1 part agave nectar • 1 part fresh lime juice • 3 parts club soda • 5 min leaves • 1 lime wedge Preparation Muddle the mint leaves in a shaker and then add tequila, lime juice, agave nectar and fill with ice. Shake and strain into a glass. Top with club soda and garnish with a lime wedge."

In many ways, tequila can be used in a variety of classic cocktails. Today, the mixology rules are made to be broken. Your cocktail experimentation could be the new cocktail trend.

for example, tequila can be used in an Old Fashioned. It is the same basic princpes, but the flavor takes on a new experience. The bitters elevate the tequila in a whole new way.

"Camarena Old Fashioned Ingredients: 2 parts Camarena Reposado .5 parts Agave Nectar 2 Dashes of Bitters Method: Add ingredients into a double old fashioned rocks glass filled with ice and stir to combine. Garnish with orange peel."

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Are you ready to explore the flavor, fun and festivities that tequila cocktails can offer? What is your favorite cocktail to sip?