Gordon Ramsay Uncharted: New Zealand, exclusive preview clip


Excited for a new episode of Gordon Ramsay Uncharted? With Gordon traveling to New Zealand, check out this exclusive preview clip.

Gordon Ramsay Uncharted heads to New Zealand and explores traditional Maori cuisine. From foraging for ingredients to cooking the food in a traditional manner, this week’s episode shows that rediscovering the past can bring a better understanding of cuisine.

According to Nat Geo, this week’s Gordon Ramsay Uncharted synopsis states:

"Chef Gordon Ramsay journeys to the remote corners of southern New Zealand to unlock the secrets of traditional Maori cuisine. From the locals, the learns how to catch eels with his bare hands, free dives for prized Paua shellfish and forages for unique Kiwi ingredients before putting his new skills to the test at a Maori feast with up-and-coming chef Monique Fiso."

Many of these ingredients will not be found in your local grocery store. Still, foodies can glean a lot of inspiration from this episode. What foodie treasure can you uncover in your backyard?

One of the most exciting aspects to this Gordon Ramsay show is how and why he seeks out these local ingredients. Sure, a traditional dish can be made from produce sourced from a market. But, the methods, stories and history to these ingredients influence the dishes themselves. While each episode is both a celebration of culture and food, the foraging for the food adds that something extra to the whole cooking experience.

Check out this exclusive clip from Gordon Ramsay Uncharted: New Zealand’s Rugged South.

Now, everyone can have a good chuckle at Gordon climbing a tree, but look beyond that particular visual. Who was the first person to climb a tree and discover this tree top dessert? Did they realize the delicious discovery that they made?

Those little purple berries seem to offer a delightful sweetness. Gordon compares these berries to dates. Based on that statement, these berries could be used as a natural sweetener in recipes. Again, these berries are a great example of how non-typical ingredients can be used in cooking.

Using traditional ingredients and cooking methods makes Monique Fiso an innovator and a culinary expert. Foodies might remember her from the Netflix show The Final Table.

While some chefs might push the envelope with cutting edge techniques, Fiso takes a step back to explore the traditional cooking methods, indigenous ingredients and cultural connection to food. Her restaurant Hiaki shows how Mauri innovation in food and cooking can be enjoyed in the flourishing New Zealand food scene.

While many people may not be able to travel to New Zealand to explore these particular dishes, they can serve as an inspiration at home. For example, those purple berries will not be at the local grocery store, but what about using dates or another fruit as a sweetener instead of sugar?

Isn’t it time to start your own culinary adventure? It doesn’t have to be as epic as Gordon Ramsay’s trip to New Zealand, it just needs to push you out of your comfort zone. If Gordon can ditch the chef whites, can you think outside of the box?

Here’s how to watch this week’s Gordon Ramsay Uncharted New Zealand.

Date: Sunday, July 28, 2019

Start Time: 10 p.m. ET

Episode: “New Zealand’s Rugged South”

TV Channel: Nat Geo

Live Stream: Watch live on Fubo TV. Sign up now for a free seven-day trial. You can also watch on Nat Geo’s website or app.

Gordon Ramsay Uncharted will air on Nat Geo on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT.