Great Food Truck Race winner: Who won in donuts versus beignets?


The Season 10 The Great Food Truck Race winner fought hard to earn the title. But, in the end, did the competition come down to donuts versus beignets?

The Great Food Truck Race winner was a fierce battle between Nola Creations and Brunch Babes. Throughout Season 10, these two food trucks have proven that they were in it to win it. But, did the whole season really come down to donuts versus beignets?

In the season finale of The Great Food Truck Race Season 10, the two final food trucks were in Key West, Florida. While the picturesque location was inspiring, the food trucks definitely weren’t sightseeing. In some ways, it was a hard fought battle for each and every sale.

As seen in previous seasons and even in other episodes during Season 10, challenges make a huge difference in which food truck wins and which food truck heads home. Just selling tasty food is a given at this point. These food trucks need to do more.

The first challenge started with an off note. After the teams tried to blow the conch shell, it was clear that Nola Creations were chefs not musicians.

With their advantage, Brunch Babes were able to choose their greatest hits dish and choose Nola’s greatest hits dish. That food truck that sells more greatest hits dishes will get an extra $300.

Brunch Babes made a smart choice with their dish. The Babes Burger has wide appeal. Combining beef and pork into a juicy slider and then topping it with onion bacon jam was sure to be a hit. Can anyone really ever say no to bacon?

Nola Creations had a harder time with their greatest hits dish. They had to bring back their blackened chicken with peanut sauce. It is an unusual combination. While many people love blackened chicken, the peanut sauce could be a little confusing.

Still, on the first day, the sales were brisk. Both teams seemed to be doing well. Given the location, it was positive start to the finale.

Going into day two, the food trucks anticipated a second challenge coming. This challenge didn’t involve sales, rather it was a taste challenge.

The food trucks had to create a dish using spiny lobster. This challenge was Nola Creations’ to win. The experience chefs knew how to prepare spiny lobster, which is different than Maine lobster. From a firmer texture to a briny flavor, the lobster needs to be cooked correctly.

The Brunch Babes deserve credit for Googling how to cook the spiny lobster. Also, they stayed on brand with the lime Hollandaise and pineapple. Still, a lobster cake might not have been the wow factor that they need to win.

This challenge showed one key difference between the two food trucks. Nola Creations had years of food and cooking knowledge on their side. While the Brunch Babes cook their culinary point of view well, they are home cooks. If they had a little more experience with cooking all types of food, they could push themselves further.

Nola Creations’ stuffed lobster was a big hit. They stayed true to their brand and they created a delicious dish. Even though the team was a little scattered on the line, they pulled off a good dish. Still, would this dish earn them the extra $400 to their total?

In a new twist, the food trucks were thrown a third challenge. If the food trucks thought that they would get out of Key West without a key lime pie challenge, they were mistaken. The food trucks had to create a key lime pie dish that isn’t key lime pie.

If you guessed that the food trucks were going to make donuts and beignets, you were right. It was an obvious choice for both food trucks, but what other options did they really have?

Plus, this challenge wasn’t about the most elevated dessert. It was about generating the most sales.

Both of these dishes can be made and sold quickly and at a low price point. As shown throughout the season, it isn’t always about the best tasting or the most creative dish. It can be about the dish that will appeal to the most customers.

In the end, this whole season came down to donuts versus beignets. If anyone thought that these tasty treats would decide who won the $50,000 on episode one, everyone would have been shocked.

Still, this scenario says something about the whole season. It isn’t necessarily just one aspect or component that drives these food trucks to victory. It is finding that right balance between amazing food that people want to try at a price that they are willing to spend. All three components must work together to earn success.

The big reveal basically came down to the challenges. Watching any of these Food Network shows, the first two announcements seemed rather obvious. Brunch Babes easily won the greatest hits challenge. Nola Creations scored with the spiny lobster challenge.

As tension built and everyone awaited the announcement, Tyler mentioned that the difference between winning and losing was seven orders of the key lime special. That situation comes back to the difficult question that is often asked in this show, should the challenges have such a huge effect on the outcome?

Granted, both of these teams were rather even. Still, in the real world, there is no bonus money in the till for selling specials. It is all about straight sales.

The Season 10 The Great Food Truck Race winner was Nola Creations. Throughout the season, Nola Creations had impressed with their dishes, hard work and dedication to being food truck operators. Hopefully this prize money will help them return home and get their restaurant business back up and running.

Brunch Babes made a valiant effort. They made smart business decisions throughout the competition, but they needed a little more food knowledge to push them to the finish line.

As Season 10 of The Great Food Truck Race comes to a close, you might have to wait a while for another season. Based on social media, it seems that filming for a new season happening in California this summer. Wonder what food truck road trip will be in store for Season 11?

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Was the best food truck The Great Food Truck Race winner this season? Which food truck was your favorite?