The four best foodie cities aren’t the names you expect


Where do you think the best foodie cities are located? While a few locations might instantly come to mind, the top choices aren’t where you think.

When you travel, do you seek out the best foodie cities? For many people food and travel go hand in hand. In many ways, food enhances those travel memories. It shows how a city’s culture ties to its food. Are you ready to plan another foodie adventure?

Recently, VacationRenter “surveyed over 1,000 people across the U.S.” and asked where is the best foodie destination? To be clear, New York City was excluded on purpose. With that being said, the top four food cities were both unexpected and expected.

According to this list, the four cities, ranked fourth through first, are Charleston, Nashville, Philadelphia and Chicago. Yes, that means places like Los Angeles, Austin and San Francisco did not make the cut. Still, these four cities are definitely foodie destinations.

Here are a few reasons why you should book a trip to one of these foodie cities.


There is something about Charleston’s Southern charm which appeals to travelers. With a bounty of fresh ingredients at their fingertips, the local restaurants are a great way to explore some of those delicacies.

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Oysters are usually a top food choice in Charleston. Whether you enjoy a platter of raw oysters on the half shell or crispy oyster sliders, there is a tasty menu item that will satisfy that craving.


Everyone knows about the infamous Nashville Hot Chicken, but there is more to this foodie destination than just fried chicken. Of course, don’t miss the opportunity to stop by Hattie’s B and sample one of those sandwiches. It wouldn’t be a trip to Nashville without one.

Also, Nashville has some mouth-watering barbecue. While Memphis might have its own style of barbecue, Nashville has numerous places to sample some slow and low dishes. Just remember to bring your extra napkins.


While locals might have their preferred cheesesteak location, visitors might be tempted to try both, Pat’s and Geno’s. Try your best to order like a local and remember the proper ordering phrases.

For many foodies, South Philly Barbacoa is a must visit in Philadelphia. Named a best restaurant by Bon Appétit and featured on Chef’s Table, this small restaurant is a foodie paradise. Just remember to go early before chef runs out of food.


For many years, Chicago has said it is definitely not the second city when it comes to delicious food options. With so many Michelin Star and James Beard award winning chefs in the city, it is almost impossible to taste it all in a single trip.

Also, some of the best food in the city doesn’t come with a huge price tag. From Pequod’s Pizza to numerous food halls around the city, there are delicious bites at every price point.

While these four best foodie cities are some people’s opinions, FoodSided wants to know what you think. Where do you go for a foodie adventure? Or more importantly, what food or restaurant should be try in these cities?

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What is your next culinary adventure? Will you be booking a trip to one of these four best foodie cities?