When choosing wine let flavor not price be the deciding factor


Choosing wine can be a daunting task. When you are looking for something new, different or exciting, let flavor, not price be the deciding factor.

Red, white or bubbles, are those the factor when choosing a wine? From walking down the wine aisle to pursuing a wine list, the choices can be daunting, confusing and overwhelming.

While some people pick by label and others never stray from the favorites, these options leave a wide breadth of wines un-discovered. What can make people try something new?

Sometimes when a wine is affordable, people are more willing to experiment. At a high price point, that impulse purchase is overlooked and concern arises. Those extra dollars make expectations too high and the wine might be less enjoyable.

When it comes down to it, taste not the price should drive a choice. Once you understand the flavors that you prefer, you can find a really good wine at a great price. With that in mind, why is your glass empty?

One wine brand delivers some amazing wines at a price point that everyone can appreciate. If you haven’t discovered Cameron Hughes wines, it is time to learn this name.

This wine brand is different than some other choices. By selling wines directly to the consumer, the cost is less than other brands, but the quality is exceptional.

Whether you are looking to experiment or re-examine an old favorite, Cameron Hughes has numerous options in their cellars. Since all the wines are quite affordable, you might even be able to buy an extra bottle or six.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try two different Cameron Hughes wines, a rose and a pinto gris. Both wines were quite delightful and definitely a lovely complement to a lazy, warm summer afternoon.

The rose all day trend is still going strong. With all the different rose options, each one offers something special. With this particular rose, it had a touch of sweetness yet was bright and refreshing. Although the strawberry flavor added to the juiciness, it was still crisp enough sip after sip.

While this wine is amazing by itself, it pairs well with all types of food. I enjoyed a glass with a simple cheese tortellini. Also, a traditional cheese plate would be equally as lovely on a leisurely afternoon.

During the summer, white wine is a favorite choice of mine. The slightly chilled glass offers respite on a warm, sunny afternoon. The Cameron Hughes Pinot Gris was a lovely sip.

With notes of pear and a little honey, the wine had a slight sweet note but it had enough acid to highlight the crispness. This wine balanced both the simple and the refined.

While I enjoyed a glass by itself, I could see this wine being paired with a spicy Asian noodle dish. The combination of flavors could be quite balanced. Also, a summer grilled chicken could be a wonderful meal to highlight the various flavors.

As a wine drinker, I am always looking for new and intriguing wines to try. While it might be impressive to quote large sums spent on a bottle, the truth really comes down to taste.

If the wine in the bottle is delicious, it doesn’t matter the price tag. Scrumptious flavor doesn’t shouldn’t be dependent on price.

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Are you ready to put your taste-buds to the test the next time you are choosing wine? Check out Cameron Hughes wines and see what think.