9 Delightful rosé wines so you can rosé all day


Do you rosé all day? If you are looking for best rosé wines, this list of nine wines will have you sipping and savoring the popular wine trend.

Rosé wine continues to its moment in the sun. If you are looking to explore this delightful wine varietal, the options are many. From fruit forward to dry, a little knowledge can help you choose the perfect wine for your taste.

Not all rosé wines are the same. The type of grape used in the wine produces differences in taste. For example, California rosés tend to be a little sweeter. French rosés tend to be more crisp and fruit forward. With so many different wine options, there will be at least one rosé makes a connection with your flavor preferences.

In many ways, rosé wines have many pairing options. From a light aperitif to pairing with a robust steak, the options are many. It is one of the reasons why rosés are always a good choice to have in the house.

Are you looking for the best rose wines to add to your wine fridge? Here are FoodSided’s nine best rosé wines that you should try.


Hampton Water

This award winning rosé can be enjoyed everywhere. The premium rosé is quickly becoming a must for any wine love. Jesse Bongiovi and acclaimed French Winemaker Gerard Bertrand have created a wine that encourages everyone to dive into the complexity of a beautiful rosé.

Hazelfern Rosé

Hazelfern offers various rose wines releases. If you can catch one of the releases, definitely buy a couple of bottles.

Their rosé pairs beautifully with spicy foods as well as a simple grilled chicken. Even if you just spend an evening lingering by the pool, this wine will make the day even more enjoyable.

14 Hands Rosé

Canned wines are making drinking your favorite wine more convenient. The 14 Hands Rosé is a perfect wine for any occasion. From backyard barbecues to a day at the beach, this rose works with any and every type of food.

The 14 Hands Rosé has notes of fresh strawberry and melon. With a little citrus on the finish, this refreshing sip is perfect on a warm summer night.

Maddalena Rosé

California wine fans have fallen in love with this crisp, luscious wine, Maddalena Rosé. With raspberry and red plum flavors, the wine is delicate yet well balanced. It encourages wine drinkers to sip and savor each glass.

Stella Rosa Rosé

For wine drinkers who prefer fruit forward flavors, the Stella Rosa Rosé blends several varietals with fruit flavors. While sweet, the natural carbonation adds an effervescence that makes it quite drinkable.

Cavit Rosé

This particular rosé is different because it uses Italian grapes. While fruit flavors, like strawberry and cherry come through, this wine is well-balanced. Considered dry, the wine is perfect for pairing with lighter dishes or served as an aperitif.

Smirnoff Rosè Seltzer

Even if you aren’t a huge wine fan, it doesn’t mean that you have to be left out from the rosè all day moment. The Smirnoff Rosè Seltzer is a perfectly refreshing beverage for any occasion. With four flavors, these fruit forward beverages have the added benefit of being just 90 calories. Ready to crack open a can?

Cupcake Rosè

Cupcake Vineyards offers a bright, crisp California rosè. While the wine is crisp, the watermelon and strawberry flavors add a touch of sweetness. If you are looking for a wine to pair with a summer salad or some appetizers, the Cupcake Rosè is delightful.

Whispering Angel

The popular French rosè, Whispering Angel slowly divulges itself to a wine drinker. While refined, the bright cherry notes entice without overwhelming the flavor. Each sip entices you to go back time and again.

Everyone has an opinion on what are the best rosè wines. These wines are just some suggestions to consider.

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