Dive into Hampton Water: Jesse Bongiovi shares his vision for the impeccable rosé


Hampton Water is a leading rosé brand for many reasons. From nuanced flavors to dedication to making a superior wine, have you dove into this delicious rosé?

How many bottles of Hampton Water rosé do you have in your wine fridge? If you peak into mine, sitting side by side with the bold cabernets and the buttery chardonnays, are several bottles of the 2018 top-ranked rosé by Wine Spectator.

This delicious rosé is a relative newcomer to the wine world. While the rosé all day wine trend continues to hold fast, the rosé aisle is filled with some established names as well as some smaller wineries. Still, this particular wine built its following not on a name, rather on the wine itself. Given the celebrity connection to one of its founders, that statement is quite commendable.

People are drawn to wines for various reasons. From word of mouth to personal endorsement, the reasons vary. For some people, their first exposure to Hampton Water was because of its celebrity connection. Luckily, wine drinkers stayed long after that spark of curiosity.

Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with Hampton Water founder Jesse Bongiovi. He shared poignant insight about his wine, the dedication he has to creating a superb rosé and foods that pair well with his wine.

Dive into Hampton Water: Jesse Bongiovi shares his vision on the impeccable rosé, photo by Doron Gild, provided by Hampton Water

To tackle the obvious, Jesse Bongiovi has a famous father, Jon Bon Jovi. I can remember when this wine launched, people would comment – have you tried the Bon Jovi wine. In a way, that connection had both positives and negatives.

Bongiovi said, “We knew having my dad’s name associated with Hampton Water would start the conversation.” But at the same time, this wine is much more.

He said, “you’ll notice that the bottle doesn’t say Jon Bon Jovi. We did that on purpose. Hampton Water isn’t a vanity project, it’s not an endorsement, it’s the real deal and a true business venture. We didn’t just slap a white label on a bottle, say “buy this!” and call it a day. We knew we’d have our skeptics and that we’d have to show and tell them that Hampton Water is a great wine and here to stay. Our partner and vintner, acclaimed French winemaker, Gérard Bertrand helped prove our legitimacy and the quality of our liquid.”

His statement is truth. In the very crowded wine market, brands need something to set themselves apart. But, this particular rosé goes far beyond that “name” connection. Wine Spectator doesn’t pick best wines because of a name. The recognition for this rosé has been earned and rightly so.

Hampton Water blends four different grape varieties. The grapes are Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah and Mourvèdre. By combining these grapes, the rosé is dry, crisp and fruit forward. The flavors of strawberry, melon and pear come through in each sip. Overall, it is light, refreshing and perfect for any day and every day.

In many ways, Hampton Water falls into a traditional French rosé tasting profile. Most French rosés are fruit forward yet dry, whereas Californian rosés tend to be more sweet.

Still, Hampton Water is slightly different from other rosés. Bongiovi said, that this wine “is slightly aged for 30-45 days then 20% of the liquid is aged in French oak for 20-30 days. This process…is atypical for rosés.” This process adds some structure to the rosé and allows it to be a wine drunk all year round with various food pairings.

Specifically, Bongiovi mentioned how he and his business partner started a dinner series to highlight the versatility of their rosé. The Pink Bottle Boys Dinner Series showcases how this wine can be paired with all types of dishes as well as year round.

“For the series, we partner with top local chefs to curate a seasonally-inspired Hampton Water pairing menu and invite an intimate group to join us. We’ve paired Hampton Water with everything from Pasta alla Amatricina (prepared by Chef Michele Casadei Massari, Piccolo Café, NYC) to Cavatelli with crab and a Hampton Water Nduja Beurre Blanc (prepared by Chef Victor Amarilla, Le Turtle, NYC) to Crispy Orange Beef (prepared by Chef Kim Canteenwalla Honey Salt, Las Vegas).”

Dive into Hampton Water: Jesse Bongiovi shares his vision on the impeccable rosé, photo by Doron Gild, provided by Hampton Water

While these professional chefs found elevated ways to pair the wine, the home cook has numerous options as well. Bongiovi loves to enjoy his wine at backyard BBQs. Personally, I love enjoying this rosé with some fresh, local pink shrimp that have been sautéed in a little butter and herbs.

Truthfully, this rosé is an anytime and every time wine. It is a delightful wine  to explore with foods and flavors to see how the wine develops with a dish. From a simple cheese plate to even a grilled flank steak, the pairing adventure is definitely worth exploring.

Bongiovi and his team are working hard at getting more people to experience their scrumptious rosé. Last year the wine was just in 9 states. According to Bongiovi, he is hoping to expand to all 50 states within the next year.

One comment that he made showcases why this wine is and will continue to be a top rosé. Bongiovi said, “We’re really passionate about Hampton Water and truly believe in what we’re selling, and we have that don’t quit, never settle attitude.”

If you haven’t had a chance to experience Hampton Water, you should definitely buy a bottle. With one sip, you will understand why this wine deserves a spot in your wine fridge.

I would like to thank Jessie Bongiovi for taking the time to chat with me. Hampton Water can be purchased at certain retailers and online at Verve Wine, WineOnSale and Total Wine.

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Take the plunge and dive into a bottle of Hampton Water. It is the wine that is the perfect, all day, every day, rosé.