5 Best rosé wines to sip on for National Rosé Day


Yes, it is rosé all day on National Rosé Day, June 9. What should you sip on this celebratory day? Here are our best rosé bets to savor.

Who hasn’t been sipping on best rosé all day? On National Rosé Day, an extra glass of the pretty pink wine is totally acceptable. The bigger question isn’t how many glasses of rosé you will drink, rather which bottle of rosé should you drink.

Luckily, FoodSided has sipped our fair share of the trendy wine. While everyone’s palate is different, at least one of these wines should appeal to everyone. Time to get your wine opener and glass ready for the celebration.

5 Best rosé wines to sip on National Rosé Day, photo by Cristine Struble

Before going over our list of favorite rosés, a few facts about rosé. First, the wine isn’t a watered down red wine. The pink color comes from the amount of grape skin that has been included in the wine making process. The darker the pink color shows that more grape skins came into contact with the wine.

Second, White Zinfandel is not rosé. The old-school white zin is definitely not the beautiful, sometimes delicate rosé. Don’t let the similar colors fool you.

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Also, this type of wine is meant to drink sooner versus later. Don’t put a bottle of rosé in the wine refrigerator waiting for the special occasion. This type of wine is meant to drink young. Buy a bottle and enjoy it tonight.

Lastly, rosé works with almost anything. From sipping a glass on its own to pairing it with summer barbecue, the bright, refreshing wine works in almost any occasion. The phrase rosé all day came is an accurate description.

So which rosé should you try on National Rosé Day? Here are a few of our favorite wines for the food holiday.

Fleur de Prairie (approximately $18.99/bottle)

A slightly more expensive rosé, this French wine is a traditional Provencal style. The pale colored wine is delicate yet offers layers of flavor. With strawberry notes and slightly herbaceous flavors, this wine is bright and quite refreshing. We recommend pairing it with a spicy Asian dish or grilled fish.

Josh Cellars Rosé (approximately $14.99/bottle)

From the popular Josh Cellars brand, this rosé is on the dry side. Citrus flavors are more predominate on the palate. While the wine is light bodied, the wine is quite crisp, which makes it perfect for the summer. From your summer clam bake to an afternoon cheese plate, this versatile wine is a perfect pairing.

[yellow tail] Rosé, photo provided by [yellow tail]

[yellow tail] rosé (approximately $7.99/bottle)

A new comer to the category, this wine is a lovely introductory wine for new rosé drinkers. With flavors of strawberry and cherry, the wine is slightly textured yet not too overstated. Overall, a well rounded wine, this wine would pair well with grilled chicken.

Whispering Angel (price varies)

One of the most popular rosés, Whispering Angel is quite approachable. With more berry forward flavors, this wine is a lovely shade of pink. The crisp, bright flavors make it a favorite for all types of food pairings. Fish, even salmon, is a great food pairing choice.

Herzog Lineage (price varies)

This California rosé is a medium bodied wine. What sets this wine apart is the long finish. With bursting fruit flavors, this wine makes for a great apertif. Even better, grab and extra bottle and continue drinking it through dinner. The flavor works well with summer barbecue.

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What your pick for the best rosé to sip on for National Rosé Day? Our wine glass is empty and we are ready to fill it up for the food holiday. How about you?