French 75 is the perfect cocktail for National Cognac Day


Ready for a sophisticated cocktail? A French 75 is the perfect cocktail for National Cognac Day. Who’s ready for a toast?

National Cognac Day is June 4. The perfect cocktail for celebrating this food holiday is the French 75. A simple, yet flavorful cocktail highlights the delicious cognac. No longer your grandfather’s cordial, this cocktail is the perfect way to celebrate National Cognac Day.

Cognac is often thought of as a sophisticated liquor. Coming from Cognac, France, this liquor is a brandy. While produced in a wine region, this liquor isn’t your favorite Bordeaux. Instead, this beverage is a twice distilled, aged in French oak libation.

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While many people enjoy a flavorful cognac neat, adding this liquor to a cocktail can be a pleasurable experience. The key is to find a cocktail that highlights the cognac without overpowering the other cocktail flavors. The French 75 is the perfect marriage of flavors.

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Cognac can be a quite versatile liquor. Using cognac in the classic French 75 cocktail adds a robust flavor. While the classic cocktail often has just champagne, lemon juice and simple syrup, this cognac version is an elevated approach to the cocktail.

The French 75 can often have gin. Unfortunately, gin can be a divisive liquor. With this twist on the classic recipe, the flavors are a little more approachable and drinkable. Even so, this cocktail isn’t one to sip till excess. One before dinner is just enough.

Here’s how to make a cognac inspired French 75 cocktail.

"FRENCH 75Ingredients• 2 oz- D’USSE Cognac• ¾ oz- Simple Syrup• 1/2 oz- Fresh Lemon Juice• Martini & Rossi ProseccoGlassware: FluteGarnish: Lemon PeelMethod:Add D’USSE, Simple Syrup and Lemon into a shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a champagne flute. Top off with Martini & Rossi Prosecco. Garnish with a lemon peel."

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Will you be raising a cocktail to National Cognac Day? Let us know if you’re celebrating the day with a simple glass of cognac or a cognac cocktail?