Patrick Renna, WorldMark’s ‘Grahambassador’, celebrates making s’mores together


Making s’mores is more than just a classic dessert. Patrick Renna, WorldMark’s ‘Grahambassador’ is encouraging everyone to rediscover this American pastime.

Some movie moments are forever etched into the pop culture collective. Patrick Renna has one of the most memorable movie lines ever. The line, “you’re killin’ me, Smalls” from The Sandlot is instantly recognizable.

Fans of the iconic movie will remember that scene where the boys are sitting around a campfire making s’mores. At that moment, it was more than just stuffing their faces with a tasty dessert. It was being together as a group of friends and making memories.

That sentiment is what WorldMark by Wyndham Vacation Clubs wants everyone to rediscover this summer. For just a moment, everyone can share some time together. Sometimes those small moments are can be overlooked by the busy nature of everyone’s lives.

Gathering around with friends and family to enjoy a tasty dessert is almost like its own mini-vacation. From telling stories to just enjoying each other’s company, it is a reminder to spend time with each other.

WorldMark by Wyndham Vacation Clubs will be offering free s’mores kits for National S’mores Day. In partnership with Patrick Renna, the “Grahambassador” role was created. Check out this video that captures the spirit of this partnership.

To launch this event, Renna chatted with FoodSided about s’mores, enjoying family time and the enduring legacy of The Sandlot.

Cristine Struble: Why do you think that s’mores are considered the classic summer treat?

Patrick Renna: I mean graham crackers, chocolate & marshmallows. Need I say more? I truly can’t think of a better combo of three foods than that. I really can’t! Not to mention you make them over a campfire with friends and family so that adds to the beauty of the process!

CS: When it comes to the marshmallow on a s’more– do you like no char, almost totally blackened or the perfect balance of slightly toasted?

PR: I am a big fan of the perfect balance of slightly toasted. Problem with no char is it wouldn’t melt the chocolate. Totally blackened is a bit much for me. Perfect balance hits the spot and melts the chocolate appropriately.

CS: While toasting a s’more is always best around a campfire, what is another way to enjoy a s’more if you are without a flame?

PR: I would say the second best option is a gas stove. But really you need to dedicate yourself to the movement, take a weekend off and head to a WorldMark by Wyndham location where they have the perfect fire pits for making s’mores.

CS: Have you ever made a s’more with a different recipe?

PR: No I’m a classic-type guy. Why mess with a good thing!

CS: The idea of this campaign seems to be tied to enjoying a simple pastime with family and friends, why do you think that it is important for people to reconnect?

PR: I think we all need to spend a bit more time together around a campfire talking and connecting instead of hours and hours behind a screen.

CS: As a father, do you have any summer family past times that you want to share with your son?

PR: Definitely baseball and s’mores. I also really like traveling with my wife and our son. It is important to take those little breaks. I find that those types of trips are always a catalyst for new adventures in life together as a family.

CS: You will always be tied to the iconic movie, The Sandlot, why do you think that movie resonates with so many people?

PR: It seems that every young person has played improvised ball anywhere a space was available in their neighborhood. Whether it was stick-ball on a tennis court in big cities, or on a sandlot in more rural locations. I think the movie is also about inclusion and friendship which are extremely valuable.

Whether it is sharing s’mores around the fire or just spending an evening chatting around the table, people can use some more togetherness. Sometimes the most simple gestures can be the most profound.

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How will you have “s’more” togetherness with your family and friends?