Dunkin’ finally kicks off ‘pumpkin flavored everything’ season with new fall menu tease


In a world where pumpkin-flavored foods seem to exist only three months out of the year, any news of a fall-themed menu is news we want to hear.

Summer may still be lingering, but the absence of changing leaves and crisper air hasn’t stopped major coffee chains from rolling out fall flavors early.

Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte likely hits stores within the next few weeks (fingers crossed!), and Dunkin’ — who has always prided itself on its flavored coffees, both seasonal and year-round — is bringing autumn menu items to their customers even earlier than expected.

If you’re as obsessed with pumpkin-flavored things as we are, you’re going to love Dunkin’s — or should we say Pumpkin’s — new tasty must-haves.

Dunkin’ stores nationwide will offer a combination of new and returning drinks as well as doughnuts, doughnut holes, and muffins, all in your favorite fall flavors.

The new Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Signature Latte is exactly what it sounds like — cinnamon, pumpkin, and all that delicious sugar that makes flavored Dunkin’ coffee so unforgettable. There’s also caramel drizzle and you can get it iced or hot, like you needed another reason to snag one ASAP.

And if you’ve ever wanted the flavor of apple cider in the form of a doughnut, you’ll be able to grab a few dozen of those — along with MUNCHKINS® doughnut holes. Pumpkin-flavored doughnuts and muffins are also back on the menu later this month.

If you’ve never experienced the pleasure that is dunking a pumpkin-flavored dougnut into pumpkin-flavored coffee, your time is now. Well, almost.

It all kicks off August 14, when eight Dunkin’ locations across the country will temporarily rebrand to Pumpkin’ (yep) and offer free pumpkin-flavored coffee drinks (um, sold).

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Are you on the Pumpkin Flavored Everything Before September train, and if so, which new fall Dunkin’ treat will you be trying first?