Kit Kat pumpkin pie is the Halloween candy you will steal from your kids


Hershey’s new Halloween candy is here and Kit Kat pumpkin pie is going to be the hit of the spooky season. Who’s ready for Halloween?

Forget summer vacation, it is time to get excited for new Hershey’s Halloween candy. The new Kit Kat pumpkin pie looks to be one of the tastiest new Halloween candies to hit the market. You might want to buy an extra bag for yourself.

Hershey’s is always looking to blend innovative and fan favorites in its seasonal lines. This year’s Halloween line-up is a great example of that concept. From a new Kit Kat flavor to Reese’s Stuffed with Pieces Pumpkin to glow in the dark wrappers, these Halloween candies are sweet, not spooky.

The most exciting new candy is definitely the Kit Kat pumpkin pie. Hershey’s describes this candy as a “sweet combination of crispy wafers in a pumpkin pie flavored crème.” This limited edition flavor will definitely become the hit of the season.

As everyone gets excited for pumpkin spice everything, this new flavor will appeal to both young and old. Although I haven’t tried this candy, the flavor should have a nice balance of sweet and spice. Plus, the crispy wafers always make a Kit Kat quite enjoyable.

This new limited edition flavor seems to show Hershey’s willingness to expand the Kit Kat line in the U.S. While Japanese flavors are numerous, the U.S. is more traditional. Maybe the upcoming launch of the Kit Kat Duos Mint + Dark Chocolate could mean more creative permanent flavors are coming.

Halloween Assortment Skull Bowl, photo provided by Hershey’s

In addition to the new Kit Kat, the Halloween Assortment Skull Bowl could be the perfect Halloween centerpiece to any party. The bowl is filled with both “Reese’s and Hershey’s Miniatures.”

These assortment bags are always fun at parties because people’s choices say a little about their personality. The person who loves Mr. Goodbar may not be a rich Special Dark fan. Wonder what your candy choice says about you?

Also, Hershey’s will be offering several glow in the dark wrappers for Halloween. From Hershey’s original chocolate bar to Kit Kat, these glow in the dark wrappers will be calling you from the Halloween bowl.

Hershey’s glow in the dark wrappers, photo provided by Hershey’s

Lastly, Reese’s is offering a new version of its Reese’s Stuffed with Pieces. For the holiday, this version will be pumpkin shaped. If you were obsessed with this candy at Easter, the Halloween shape will be top of your candy list.

Since there is still a lot of time prior to Halloween, Hershey’s could still add some new Halloween candies to its line. What could those candies be? Everyone will have to wait and see.

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Will you be searching for the new Kit Kat pumpkin pie? What is your favorite Halloween candy?