KIT KAT Duos Mint + Dark Chocolate is the mash-up you need


Forget talking about rumors and speculation. KIT KAT Duos Mint + Dark Chocolate is a reality and this mash-up flavor could become your new obsession.

Candy fans rejoice. KIT KAT Duos Mint + Dark Chocolate is a reality. The candy company has shared these official images of the highly anticipated new candy. While the candy won’t officially hit store shelves till December 2019, everyone can start imaging that perfect chocolate and mint mash-up flavor.

According to KIT KAT, this new candy will feature a “mint cream on the top and dark chocolate on the bottom.” The two flavors will cover the classic, light and crispy wafer.

Thinking about this combination, the flavor combination should be quite delicious. Dark chocolate and mint cream is always a tasty combination. Having the mint cream on top should create a build in flavor with a slightly refreshing finish.

Also, using a mint cream should ensure that the mint flavor doesn’t overpower both the dark chocolate and the crispy wafer. Mint needs to be slightly bright yet with a hint of sweetness. Using a mint cream is definitely smart.

New KIT KAT Duos Mint and Dark Chocolate, photo provided by KIT KAT

While dark chocolate and mint cream isn’t necessarily a new flavor combination, the addition of the crispy wafer is different. Personally, I can’t recall another candy with this particular combination. The various textures with the flavors could make this new candy hugely popular.

Although this new mash-up is coming to America, other countries have various KIT KATE flavor combinations. Many people have marveled at the creative flavor combinations available in Japan. Could this new flavor be just the start of new options in the United States?

As a mash-up/duo flavor, it is interesting that the brand chose to go a rather traditional route. With so many companies focusing on sours and exotic flavors, a nod to the tradition is refreshing. Classics are classic for a reason.

While the new KIT KAT Duos Mint + Dark Chocolate won’t be on store shelves till December, candy fans can start dreaming of what the flavors will taste like. Is your mouth salivating yet?

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Will you be stalking stores looking for the new KIT KAT flavor? Just remember to eat that candy correctly, we all remember that story, right?