Kit Kat proposal, breaking into happily ever after


Did he break into the perfect Kit Kat proposal? Even though Evan bit into the candy the wrong way, he will be getting his happily ever after.

How can you top biting into a Kit Kat the wrong way? With a Kit Kat proposal of course! Evan was felt internet outrage when he enjoyed his first Kit Kat. By biting into the iconic candy the wrong way, the love of his life, Haley, shared her dismay. Luckily, Evan and the candy company, had a plan for a sweet ever after.

To create this sweet happily ever after proposal, Evan and Kit Kat worked together to a custom ring box and a special cake. The candy brand turned an internet outrage into the sweetest memory for a couple. Hopefully Evan will always and forever eat a Kit Kat the right way.

Kit Kat proposal, photo provided by Kit Kat

According to Evan, “Haley is truly one of a kind and I knew I wanted to do something special for the proposal. When Kit Kat reached out, I saw this as an opportunity to create an unforgettable moment.” And Haley said, “when I saw the Kit Kat box, I just started laughing. It was such a neat experience, and I am beyond grateful that Evan put so much thought into it.”

This type of story is heartwarming one for many reasons. Social media trolls can be so heartless. Truthfully, people should be able to eat a candy bar any way that they want. Sure, this particular type of candy bar is eaten in a traditional way, but does it really matter. Who is to say that there is only one way to eat a particular candy? Turning the mean into something happy is such a positive moment.

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This special moment shows how certain foods, in this case candy, are an integral part of people’s lives. From moments like this one or Reese’s Outrageous fans, people identify with their favorite foods. Why not incorporate favorite things into life’s special events. If someone can have a sports proposal, why shouldn’t there be food proposals.

Old school proposals have had rings hidden in desserts or floating in champagne glasses. Some people have recently taken to having rings inside avocados. Sure, this particular situation took a lot of help from Kit Kat, but it was creative and sweet. Now, everyone won’t see a guy who eats Kit Kats differently, people see a guy who wanted to create a special proposal for the woman that he loves.

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Evan and Haley got their sweet ever after with this Kit Kat proposal. Only one question remains, how will Kit Kat be featured in the wedding?