Reese’s Outrageous Bars celebrates acts of outrageous Reese’s fandom


Are you an outrageous Reese’s fan? Celebrate the Reese’s Outrageous Bars hitting store shelves with a celebration of ultimate fandom.

The newest Reese’s candy has hit store shelves. The Reese’s Outrageous Bars are the perfect combination of Reese’s peanut butter, caramel and Reese’s Pieces candy. To celebrate, the iconic candy brand is celebrating its diehard fans. Are you part of the outrageous Reese’s fandom?

About a year ago, I had the opportunity to try the Reese’s Outrageous Bars. This  delicious combination of sweet, salty and crunchy is very addicting. The crunchy pieces add that bit of texture that makes each bite very satisfying. Before you know it, the whole bar is completely eaten.

Reese’s Outrageous Bars, photo provided by Reese’s

While these candy treats are delicious on their own, it is equally as yummy mixed into ice cream. The flavors work very well with vanilla ice cream. I wish that I could figure out how to add these candies in either a cookie or brownie for the ultimate sweet indulgence.

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Now, these delicious Reese’s candies are on store shelves. Everyone can have the opportunity to try this new offering and become completely hooked. It will be another reason for candy lovers to become bigger fans of the iconic candy.

In a recent survey, over “80 percent of Americans consider themselves Reese’s fans.” More telling, these fans are dedicated to the chocolate, peanut butter candies. Even 1/3 of fans eat the candy every day. That statement shows fans love of the candy.

Jon seen during the Reeseís Outrageous Pool Oasis at his parents house in on Friday, May 11, 2018 in Edison, Ohio. (Jason Miller/AP Images for Reeseís)

In honor of the new Outrageous Bar and its fans, the brand is celebrating its most outrageous fans. According to Eric Bowers, Reese’s brand manager, “we’re taking our fans’ passion to the next level, not only with this outrageous new product, but by re-creating their Reese’s fandom in epic ways.”

For example, Reese’s indulged mega fan Jon Ernst, who filed up his bathtub with the candies. After seeing his ultimate fandom, the company created a Reese’s oasis in his backyard. What fan wouldn’t want a swimming pool filled with Reese’s?

Are you an outrageous Reese’s fan? Get into the outrageous fun Friday, May 18, ‘I <3 Reese’s Day.’ Fans are encourage to share “their own acts of outrageous Reese’s fandom for a chance to win.” Search #ReesesOutrageous #Contest on Twitter and Instagram for submission or enter your own or visit for more information.

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Satisfy your Reese’s craving. Try the new Reese’s Outrageous Bar, now on store shelves, or your other favorite Reese’s product. Could you be the next ultimate Reese’s fan?