Are Grape Soda grapes your kids’ new fruit obsession?


Looking for the newest grape obsession? Grape Soda grapes are at Sam’s Club and your kids will be begging to eat more fruit.

Grape Soda grapes are the newest grape hybrid to hit the market and Sam’s Club has them. While grapes themselves are naturally sweet, these new flavored grapes will have you think that you’re drinking a soda. Do you think your kids will be asking for them?

The new Grape Soda grapes are exclusive to Sam’s Club and they will only be available for a limited time. Not all locations will offer these grapes; it is best to check with your local club before you promise your kids these new grapes.

Hybrid fruits are not necessarily new. Cotton Candy grapes have been on the market for a while. These grapes have been created to have a flavor similar to cotton candy, a sweet real sweet taste. Many kids, and a few adults, fell in love with these flavored fruits.

There are all types of hybrid grape flavors beyond these two particular ones. There are moon drop grapes with their unique shape. Also, there are Candy Heart grapes, which have a raspberry candy taste. Or, there are also Gum Drop Grapes that have a strawberry candy sweet flavor. Basically, a grape and be a lot more than a grape.

Other fruits have taken on this flavored trend. The Grapple can be found in many grocery stores. That fruit is an apple that is flavored like a grape. Many people are huge fans of this hybrid.

Grape Soda grapes are at Sam’s Club, photo provided by Sam’s Club

These hybrid fruits have both positive and negative aspects. Yes, parents want kids to eat more fruit. Since some kids don’t appreciate the traditional fruit flavors. To encourage kids to eat their fruits, these enhanced fruit flavors entice them with flavors that kids might like.

But, the original fruit flavor is quite tasty, too. Maybe parents can add some regular flavors in with the hybrid varieties. Just like eating the rainbow is important, eating a variety of fruit is a good choice, too.

If you want to try these Grape Soda Grapes, don’t wait too long. They will be at select Sam’s Clubs locations for only a little while.

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What do you think of this new grape flavor? Do you think that your kids will want to eat them?