Rice Krispies Treats bring love and inclusivity to the school year


As the school year starts, Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats are making sure that everyone feels included. With new sensory love notes, the back to school season is even sweeter.

Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats understand that this little packaged treat can be more than just a tasty bite. For some kids, the school year is filled with nervousness, trepidation and even worry. While all kids might have butterflies in their stomach, some children are even more anxiety.

This year, Kellogg’s has partnered with Autism Speaks to create sensory Love Notes. The idea is that all children deserve a little note of encouragement to brighten their day.

Children with autism can have difficulty adapting to the school year. According to Kellogg’s, “1 in 59 children” are diagnosed with autism. In many ways, these children can have difficulties expressing their emotions and adapting to new situations. When a child has a way to calm himself down during difficult times, the whole process can be made better.

The sensory Love Notes have “four heart-shaped stickers” which are designed to match the writable space on the Rice Krispies Treats wrappers. Each sensory sticker has various tactile elements. “Soft, smooth, bumpy” as well as “silk, fleece, faux, fur, satin and velour,” these materials were designed with autistic children in mind.

For many autistic children, the tactile experiences elicit a positive response. Rubbing the various textures can be soothing. When an autistic child can calm down, he is more responsive to the situation.

Check out this video that was shared by Kellogg’s. It features S.J., a kindergarten student who is transitioning to kindergarten.

This video is a wonderful example. Every child deserves that happy school moment. When a simple idea of a tactile sticker on a treat helps make that happen, everyone is on the path for school success.

While these notes designed for autistic children are new, Kellogg’s has been a leader in voicing the importance of inclusivity in school. Previously, Kellogg’s created accessible Love Notes that featured Braille stickers and re-recordable audio boxes. The idea is that all kids deserve a note of encouragement during the school day.

Many parents want to make the school day as positive as possible for their children. With so many items that are beyond their control, the simple note of “It’s going to be a good day” or “just smile” can make a huge difference in any situation.

In many ways, notes of positivity are good for everyone. If everyone took a few minutes to say and share a happy, good thought, the difficulties in this world might not be as overwhelming.

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This year, make back to school season full of positivity, inclusivity and love. Kellogg’s sensory Love Notes turn a simple gesture in a year filled with possibilities.