Has Spam taken the pumpkin spice trend too far?


Yes, it is pumpkin spice season and even Spam is joining the annual flavor extravaganza. Has this new food taken pumpkin spice just a little too far?

Did you hear about the new Spam flavor? Just in time for everything pumpkin spice, the warm, fall spices are being mixed into that canned meat. Are you willing to sample a bite?

Recently, CNN announced that Walmart and the online Spam store will offer this limited edition Pumpkin spice flavor starting September 23. While this seasonal food comes a little late in pumpkin spice season, it could be a total game changer in the food world.

Many people will scoff at this idea immediately. Why put pumpkin spices in a canned meat? In some ways, it isn’t too far off base. The flavors of cinnamon, clove, all-spice and nutmeg can all work with a canned pork product. Some of those spices are used in your favorite barbecue dishes.

It isn’t the spices or even the flavor. It is the name. If someone described a dish with those flavors, you might be willing to try it. But put Spam and pumpkin spice in the same phrase and people freak out.

According to Hormel Foods, they recommend using this flavored Spam in frittatas, a hash or even a cornbread. There seem to be many possibilities for this ingredient. Maybe even a quiche, a type of toad in the hole or maybe even a pizza. Who’s up for a little adventurous taste testing?

Usually pumpkin spice appears in sweeter foods. From lattes to bagels to cookies, many people see the sweet application of this spice blend. But, that idea really limits the enjoyment of the flavors. Finding savory applications could be the new experience that pumpkin spice fans need to explore.

Since this item is a limited edition, it might become the must try food for any foodie. You might not like it, but you won’t want to be left out of the new food experience.

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What do you think of pumpkin spice Spam? Would you try it?