Snapple celebrates the best of NYC’s with Boroughs and Burbs


Snapple is made from the best stuff on earth and it is definitely proud of its hometown. These limited edition bottles celebrate the New York City area.

Snapple and New York are a perfect pair. As the brand’s hometown, NYC, the boroughs and the surrounding areas are forever tied to the beverage brand. This month, it is time to celebrate the best stuff on Earth and its hometown.

The Snapple’s Boroughs & Burbs bottle collection celebrates the vibe and unique characteristics of the various areas. Each location is paired with a particular beverage. From Manhattan to the Bronx to Snapple Lemon Tea to Apple, fans can choose by locale or flavor. Will your favorite be a flavor or a location?

Each bottle has some pretty special artwork. Since these bottles are collectible, some people might choose a bottle specifically for the artwork and location. For example, Apple represents the Bronx. The label has a very cool vibe. It definitely reflects the slightly arty, trendy, totally Bronx culture.

Personally, I always loved the Fruit Punch flavor. In a way, it reminded me of my favorite drink as a child but in a more “adult” way. The flavors are totally fruity yet not overly sweet.

Now with this special design, the Fruit Punch, New Jersey vibe completely calls to me. The fedora seems to channel the Frank Sinatra vibe (can anyone say Hoboken?). There is the slight confident, cool and always in style feel.

Since the Borough and Burbs is a special, limited edition series, people in New York and New Jersey will want to grab a few before they are gone. More importantly, many fans will want to have a remembrance from this promotion and Snapple has a great offer.

With the purchase of three limited edition bottles, consumers can text HEART to 21688 and a photo of the UPC, which will earn them a free t-shirt of the bottle. It will be the perfect way to show your borough and beverage pride.

This limited edition promotion is a great way for the brand to reconnect to its hometown city. For many people, finding a special connection to a brand keeps them loyal. This promotion definitely appeals to that scenario.

The Snapple Boroughs and Burbs bottles will be available for only a limited time.

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What do to think of this product launch? Would it draw you to purchase a special limited edition beverage?