Worst Cooks in America contestant Jonathan Beyer focused a positive attitude


While Jonathan Beyer might have hit an off note on Worst Cooks in America, he is singing the praises of the Food Network experience.

Jonathan Beyer wanted to hit all the high notes in Worst Cooks in America. Unfortunately, his time on the Food Network show was limited. While he might have traveled the world that experience didn’t necessarily help his cooking skills.

Fans of this Food Network show will remember Beyer from both his positive attitude and moments of song. Even when he knew that the dish was a disaster, he tried to find an affirmative spin. Unfortunately, a few too many mistakes caused his ultimate demise.

Looking back at his episodes, Beyer had seemed to try very hard. He wanted to learn and he never gave up. Even Bobby Flay said that he has potential.

Still, potential doesn’t guarantee success in this Food Network competition. Sometimes, Beyer seemed a little frazzled during the cook. While he can handle an opera stage, this performance is a totally different stage.

In his final episode, Beyer had too many bad notes. From cutting himself in one round to a plate of glaze, the Greek episode was not the food paradise of anyone’s dreams. Still, he left the competition with his head held high and hopefully a few cooking tips.

Recently, Beyer chatted with FoodSided about his Worst Cooks in America experience.


Cristine Struble: Since you have traveled around the world as a performer, how do you think that knowledge could be an advantage in Worst Cooks in America?

Jonathan Beyer: I have literally eaten my way across the world. Although it expanded my waistline, it did not expand my knowledge of how to MAKE any dishes. I have been in fine restaurants but eat everything so quickly I barely have time to taste it.

CS: The Worst Cooks in America bio description mentions frozen foods. What is your favorite frozen food/dinner to eat?

JB: I exclusively live on frozen chicken breasts if I am cooking for myself. Sometimes I am impatient and don’t even cook them long enough and have been known to get food poisoning from the problem. YIKES!

CS: As an opera singer, are there certain foods that you cannot eat before a performance?

JB: When I am performing, I usually have a protein bar before the opera. (And by that I mean 2 or 3) so that I have something in my stomach but nothing that would make me too phlegmy.

CS: What is the one dish that you want to cook well?

JB: I would like to cook ANY dish well. I would like to be able to cook for guests and not have anxiety about how ridiculous I will come across when I serve them a quasi cooked chicken breast with a side of protein bar.

CS: What is scarier, cooking for Bobby Flay and Anne Burrell or performing as Count Almaviva in Marriage of Figaro?

JB: I KNOW I sing Count Almaviva well….as surely as I KNOW cooking for Bobby and Anne will give me anxiety.

CS: What would you tell someone who is wanting to be on Worst Cooks in America?

JB: I think it is always important to explore outside of your comfort zone…and if that means cooking, you should DEFINITELY consider Worst Cooks in America!

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What do you think of this season of Worst Cooks in America? Do you think that Jonathan Beyer could have gone further in the competition?