America’s favorite potato dish might not be the healthiest choice


Can you guess America’s favorite potato dish? While the choice might be an obvious one, this dish might not be the healthiest potato option.

America’s favorite potato dish is probably what you think it is. Since meat and potatoes seem to be an Americana staple, there are often potatoes on many people’s dinner tables. With that idea in mind, DoorDash researched some potato facts just in time for National Potato Day.

If the answer wasn’t assumed, French fries are America’s favorite type of potato. At 69%, French fries are clearly the top choice. Even at breakfast, people are craving these potatoes.

Of course, breakfast and potatoes are a tasty choice, but it usually isn’t French fries. Hash browns or even breakfast potatoes tend to be served with eggs. Now, people are willing to just have another plate of fries with those eggs and bacon.

While the popularity of French fries might be expected, a few other facts were more surprising. For example, ketchup isn’t the favorite condiment. While it did increase in popularity, it is only the second favorite choice.

Ketchup and French fries seem like a classic combination. Even as some people might like mustard, ranch or even dipping those fries in a milkshake, it is surprising that ketchup isn’t the top condiment choice.

Cheese sauce is the top choice to pair with French fries. There is something quite decadent about hot, fresh French fries smothered in ooey, gooey cheese. Are you craving some right now?

Looking at these potato findings, it is curious that America’s favorite potato dish wasn’t mashed potatoes. While French fries tend to go with more dishes, there is something so comforting about mashed potatoes.

Plus, mashed potatoes has a little nostalgic quality to it. While grandma might have a few lumps in those potatoes, it was filled with love. Maybe those restaurant potatoes don’t have the same connection that grandma’s version offers.

Overall, it appears that America’s favorite potato dish is and will continue to be French fries. Even with all the Keto diets, low carb eating and other healthy choices, the classic French fry is here to stay. It is too hard to say no to this tasty potato.

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How often do you eat French fries? Do you agree with DoorDash’s findings that it is America’s favorite potato dish?