Christina Tosi encourages home bakers to find their inspiration everywhere


Christina Tosi and her delectable treats from Milk Bar have tempted foodies. Now, she inspires home cooks with a colorful and tasty Nestle Toll House recipe.

Cakes, cookies and all type of baked goods are meant to be fun. Christina Tosi and Milk Bar epitomize the whimsy in sweet treats. From bold colors to creative recipes, these delectable delights bring smiles even before a morsel hits your mouth.

While Tosi is a professional, that passion for bringing joy to people through baking is universal. From the first time baker to grandma who has baked for decades, those tempting treats bring happiness to many people. But, there is more to that joy than just the cookie on the plate.

Recently, Tosi partnered with Nestle Toll House. As part of the company’s Unicorn Morsels launch, Tosi shared a simple, yet adorable recipe that anyone can master. Since the new colorful Unicorn Morsels epitomize fun, this recipe is all enjoying the fun of baking.

The Unicorn Birthday Fudge recipe is probably one of easiest dessert recipes to make. With just a handful of ingredients, anyone can make this dessert.

Nestle Toll House Unicorn Morsels, photo provided by Nestle Toll House

More importantly, this recipe shows color and personality can and should be part of baking. Even that traditional chocolate chip cookie recipe can get a unicorn upgrade.

As part of this launch, Christina Tosi graciously spoke to FoodSided. During our conversation, Tosi shared some of her thoughts about baking, uncovering inspiration and encouraging everyone to discover their inner baker.

Even if you have never had the privilege of indulging on cereal milk or a slice of Milk Bar cake, a quick glimpse of Tosi’s Instagram page conveys a huge component to her baking philosophy. While many of her recipes go deeper into the flavors and nuances of a recipe, at the heart of each dessert is a little fun.

One of the ideas that Tosi mentioned is that people shouldn’t take themselves too seriously. Baking and baked goods are meant to be fun. Specifically she said that she loves dessert and encourages everyone to share that moment of enjoyment.

Specifically, she mentioned that inspiration is everywhere. She said that people should “open their mind to” inspiration, “Imagination encourages community and it encourages the sense of we’re all better when we’re sharing those ideas and sharing the spirit of fun and in the kitchen.”

Thinking about those words, her Nestle Toll House recipe using the Unicorn Morsels exemplifies that idea. She said, that when she is thinking about “creating a recipe that I want to share with the rest of the world, I’m thinking how do I use something that is really exciting in the world but that creates an invitation for anyone and everyone into the kitchen that that sort of shows them like hey these four or five simple ingredients you can make magic in your kitchen.”

Simply stated, that Unicorn Birthday Fudge features that philosophy. From the novice baker to even the trained chef, this recipe sets everyone up for success. From making dessert on a random Wednesday to a birthday party feature, everyone will enjoy making and tasting this dessert.

Similar to other baking trends, this recipe features bright colors. Tosi mentioned that colorful desserts can showcase the “magic and imagination (that can) come out of the home kitchen.” In many ways, the creativity of the home baker can inspire all bakers to embrace their passion.

Although she was a trained pastry chef, Tosi used her home kitchen to fuel her baking passion. In that kitchen she saw the vision of what could be and made it happen. That home kitchen can and sometimes does create as stunning food, both in flavor and presentation, as a professional bakery.

Even though the home cook might struggle and have the occasional baking fail, Tosi gives these simple words of advice. “The secret to any great baked good is keeping it simple and keeping it personal.” With a strong perception, imagination and personal connection, any baked good will always be an enjoyable memory in the kitchen.

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What would you create with the Nestle Toll House Unicorn Morsels? More importantly, has Christina Tosi inspired you to start creating some baking memories in your kitchen?