TAZO new Foragers Edition Teas are ready to be discovered in Target’s aisles


Tea flavors are constantly evolving. The new TAZO Foragers Edition Teas bring the unexpected into the beverage aisle and you will want to taste them.

Tea is no longer that classic cup of Earl Grey. TAZO Foragers Edition Teas offer a culinary adventure in your next sip. While you might not leave your couch, the flavors of these teas offer a journey in a cup. Are you ready to discover the unexpected?

Foraging is a huge food trend. Chefs are using ingredients and flavors that have meaning and purpose in each sip. By incorporating regional foods and flavors, a dish becomes as much an experience as a delicious bite.

As part of the eating local ideal, these foraged ingredients can offer bolder flavors, a more nuanced experience and a taste that foodies crave. The hyper local foods tend to offer cleaner flavors which heighten the taste experience.

The new TAZO Foragers Edition Teas offer a journey through four regions. Each tea features flavors inspired by that region. Whether you want to travel across the country or stay in your backyard, these herbal, caffeine free teas welcome to drinker to the culinary adventure.

The four new Tazo teas include Elderberry Blackberry, Juniper Mint Honey, Prickly Pear Cactus and Wild Apple Sarsapirlla. The four teas represent New England, The Rocky Mountains, The Southwest and the Midwest. Each tea is very, very different in flavor profile.

Photo: TAZO’s new exclusive Elderberry Blackberry .. Image courtesy TAZO

Looking at these four flavors, the Elderberry Blackberry is probably the most traditional in terms of flavor profile. The tea has the tartness of elderberry and the sweetness of the blackberry. It would be equally enjoyable served warm or over ice.

Elderberry has been a trending flavor for a while. The tartness of this berry plays well with a variety of flavors. This flavor will surely be a favorite with many people.

The most adventurous flavor is the Prickly Pear Cactus. Very clearly a Southwestern flavor, the sweetness of the prickly pear is tempered with hibiscus. Again, this tea builds on the hibiscus tea trend, but adds a non-traditional ingredient.

While some people might be unfamiliar with the prickly pear flavor, they might be drawn to the vibrant color. The understanding that we eat with our eyes is clear with this tea flavor.

As all the flavors sound and should taste delicious, there is only one place where people can purchase them. Target has the exclusive rights for these teas.

It is interesting that Target and TAZO are partnering on this launch. While many families are constantly at Target, this launch shows that everyone is embracing bigger, bolder flavors. No one wants to be left out of the “it” flavor but they also want to find it easily. This scenario is a win for everyone.

The new TAZO Foragers Edition Teas are available at Target. A box retails for $3.49.

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Which of these TAZO tea flavors piques your interest? Will you be searching Target for a box?