Johhnie Walker celebrates the legacy of Game of Thrones with new whisky


Game of Thrones is indeed over, Johnnie Walker is here to celebrate the legacy of the critically acclaimed series with two new whiskies!

Regardless of your feelings about the Game of Thrones ending, one thing is for sure. The series made an impact on the world of pop culture, and will be around for decades to come.

Johnnie Walker whisky is here to keep the conversation going, with two brand new whiskies inspired by House Stark and House Targaryen — two houses that were once in great harmony, but ultimately fell in great conflict.

After hugely successful previous releases, these two new offerings will get fans excited. While different from the previous White Walker and house blends, these two whiskies play off each other.

Here is what is being said about the new beverage launch.

"From House Stark comes A Song of Ice, from House Targaryen A Song of Fire. Together, the two whiskies celebrate the dynamic relationship between the houses, represented by their house sigils – the Direwolf and the Dragon – which fiercely adorn each bottle. As another nod to the complicated interactions between the two great houses in the show’s storyline, Johnnie Walker’s iconic Striding Man uncharacteristically faces backwards on the A Song of Fire bottle, revealing a face-off with the Striding Man on the A Song of Ice bottle when paired side-by-side."

Some people will purchase these whiskies strictly for the bottle design. While each bottle is unique on its own, the contrast of the two bottles make the pair a must purchase. Even when the liquor is all gone, many people might just keep the bottles on display.

The Johnnie Walker Game of Thrones releases have been hugely successful. Both GoT fans and fans of whiskies appreciated the various varieties. In some ways, these launches lead people to discover a new drink that they might not have tried.

"Johnnie Walker and Game of Thrones are an epic pairing. There is as much for people to discover and explore within the world of whisky as there is within the world of the show,” said Sophie Kelly, Senior Vice President, Whiskies Diageo North America. “Johnnie Walker A Song of Ice and A Song of Fire perfectly capture the essence of House Stark and House Targaryen, from the bottle designs to the unique Scotch whiskies within. Each new blend brings to life a different profile of flavors – one crisp and clean, the other rich and spicy. We hope people enjoy trying both while reliving the series with friends."

A Song of Ice has a crisp, clean taste derived from single malts of one of Scotland’s most northern distilleries, Clynelish. The icy bottle design with its blue and grey coloring, as well as a dire wolf, invokes a feeling of the north. Although there appears to convey a chill, the liquor will bring a taste of warmth. With an ABV of 40.2% and best served over ice, this will keep you warm during those long, winter nights.

A Song of Fire is a rich and spicy whisky, with flavors of subtle smoke from the peated malts of the Caol Ila distillery. The combination of smoke and peat makes for a rich, heartier flavor that should be appreciated at full strength. This mixture coming in with an ABV of 40.8%, and is best served neat. With deep red colors and one of the famed Targaryen dragons, this will have you feel like you’re breathing fire.

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The whiskies will be available nationwide August 2019, and retail for $36 per 750ml bottle. But hurry, these won’t be around for long!