Swerski’s, A Chicago Pop Up Bar is a must for Da Bears fans


Sometimes being a Chicago Bears fan can be a rough road. This season, Swerski’s, the Chicago Pop Up Bar, can make both victories and defeats a little sweeter.

Everyone say it together, Da Bears. If the name Swerski’s doesn’t ring a bell, a reference to the infamous SNL skit will bring back those memories. The group of diehard, loyal Chicago Bears super fans professed their love of Ditka and all things orange and blue. This season, a Swerski’s pop up bar is a must for all those Bears loyalists.

This season marks the Chicago Bears 100th anniversary. While this momentous occasion doesn’t necessarily guarantee a winning season, it is a good reason to celebrate a little more often. Timothy O’Toole’s Pub in Streeterville is celebrating in a big way.

The popular Chicago restaurant and bar is transforming its private bar room into “Swerski’s, A Chicago Pop Up Bar for Superfans.” The room is meant to look like the famous SNL skit and features Chicago Bears themed food and drinks. Opening on Thursday, September 5 and running throughout the football season, this pop up bar is perfect for Da Bears fans.

While no one should dare mention those Cheeseheads from up north, a few of the special menu items could even tempt a Packer fan to drop by. Maybe even the Manitowoc Minute could do a remote from Swerski’s and compare the two rivals 100th anniversaries.

Looking at the special menu, a few items sound delicious. Winning In 2020 Wings have a variety of flavors and specials. You can never go wrong with a great chicken wing. We recommend the Honey Sriracha flavor.

Also, the This Cheese Is Not From Wisconsin…Roll With It sounds quite tasty. The chicken is tossed buffalo sauce and cheese. Then it is wrapped and deep fried. Plus, the Irish Ghost Wing Sauce will make you feel it in your chest.

Of course, you can go super extreme. The Big Timmy Challenge – As Seen On Man vs. Food, is on the menu. It is a huge challenge, if you are up for it. No one wants to be like some of the jokes on the SNL skits.

Also, several of the cocktails refer to Chicago Bears legends. From The Fridge to Buddy Ryan Hates This Drink, you might want to order one just for the name alone (although the cocktails look quite tasty, too). Or, if you prefer, there is an ice cold Miller Lite too (guess that this Wisconsin beer is ok for the Da Bears).

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Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Swerski’s, A Chicago Pop Up Bar at Timothy O’Toole’s Pub in Streeterville. Maybe it will be the Bears’ good luck charm this year.