KFC Beyond Fried Chicken was a huge success, what’s next?


KFC Beyond Fried Chicken totally sold out in yesterday’s trial run. What does this successful test hold for the future of KFC and Beyond Meat collaboration?

In less than five hours, it was gone. KFC Beyond Fried Chicken was a huge success during the highly anticipated test run. Beginning at 8 a.m., customers lined up to taste test this plant based fried chicken. What does this mean for the future of the KFC and Beyond Meat collaboration?

Based on the information provided by KFC, this test met all expectations. According to the brand, “guests purchased in five hours the amount of Beyond Fried Chicken KFC would normally sell on average of popcorn chicken in a week.”

This success could be for several reasons. First, plant based foods are becoming more popular. From quick service restaurants to cook at home products, these foods are popular with vegetarians and flexitarians.

In some ways, this particular test run offered a new product that isn’t necessarily on the market. While some brand offer a chicken nugget, this KFC Beyond Fried Chicken is different. Although not having personally tried it, this plant based food should have a different texture and taste than other options.

Additionally, many people would want to try this food because it is new. Many people want to be the “in the know.” Some of these guests might have flocked to KFC just to try the new food, regardless of them being vegetarians or flexitarians.

No matter the reason why people tried the new food offering, people tried it. Based on the success, it can be assumed that another test run could be in the future.

KFC commented that it will “evaluate these results and customer feedback to determine the best way forward beyond the Atlanta test.” While that statement doesn’t really clarify anything, it can be assumed that more “tests” could be in the future.

Should consumers expect a large scale roll out of this KFC Beyond Fried Chicken soon? Most like the answer is no. It would take a long time to produce enough of this plant based food to stock all the KFC locations.

Additionally, this food could change based on the customers’ feedback. After all, KFC and Beyond Meat want to make the best possible product.

Will KFC Beyond Fried Chicken be coming? My guess is that this menu option will be coming in the future, but it might take a while.

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Would you try this new food? What other plant based foods would you want to see?