Jack in the Box goes really big in the chicken sandwich wars


The chicken sandwich wars rage on and Jack in the Box is throwing its antenna ball into the ring. Can you appetite this Really Big Chicken Sandwich?

Jack in the Box doesn’t want to be left out of the chicken sandwich wars. Whether you like a Southern style chicken sandwich, a hot chicken sandwich or just a grilled chicken sandwich, it seems that every fast food restaurant wants to be part of the game.

If you can pull yourself away from a burger, Jack in the Box is offering its version of a chicken sandwich. This version requires a hearty appetite. Whether you eat it on its own or in a combo, this chicken sandwich lives by the motto, go big or go home.

First, the Really Big Chicken Sandwich is completely customizable. Forget the pickles or no pickles, this chicken sandwich is all about you. From two chicken patties to four, this sandwich can be huge.

Also, the chicken sandwich comes with your choice of a “mayo-onion sauce, lettuce, fresh tomato and melted swiss-style cheese.” Personally, the mayo-onion sauce is a must. It add just the right amount of tanginess.

Since many people want a side with their chicken sandwich, the combo comes with a fries and a drink. This meal is available starting September 2.

Even though everyone is talking about chicken sandwiches, Jack in the Box is giving guests another tasty option. The New Sauced and Loaded Curly Fries are going to be the new, most talked about menu item. Whether it is your late night munchies stop or your decadent lunch treat, these two “builds” are going to fill up your foodie feed.

One option is the Cheddar Bacon, a more traditional flavor. Green Onion Ranch with bacon and two type of cheese, you definitely need an extra napkin.

The second option, Steak and Parmesan, is almost a meal. The steak, creamy garlic parmesan sauce and cheddar is quite hearty.

Both of the Sauced and Loaded Curly Fries will be available starting September 2.

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What do you think of Jack in the Box joining the chicken sandwich wars? Or, do you prefer taste try some of the Sauces and Loaded Curly Fries?