Fini Flip It: Two candies in one bag because you shouldn’t have to choose


Candy fans shouldn’t have to choose only one sweet treat. With Fini Flip It, candy lovers can have two tasty candy choices in one single bag.

Choices can be hard. Fini Flip It is the candy offering that satisfies the indecisive candy fan. With two tasty candy options in one bag, the only concern is which candy will you eat first?

Fini Sweets takes a different approach to its candy offerings. In all of its candy offerings, there is a sense of whimsy that makes everyone embrace their inner child. From fun shapes to creative flavors, these candies put the fun back into the sweet treats.

The 2-in-1 Fini Flip It offers a different approach to candy offerings. While many candy fans enjoy combining different candies for a new flavor experience, this bag encourages candy lovers to enjoy one, the other or both.

Fini Sweets are known for their flavors. The Spanish Confectionary brand brings a global flavor palate to its many offerings. The flavors are approachable, yet there is slightly stronger flavor punch in each bite.

Fini Sweets candy offerings, photo by Cristine Struble

There are four varieties in this single bag, yet double flavor construction. The flavors include:
• Neon Bears + Sour Worms
• Fruit Attack + Citrus Attach
• Cinema Mix + Little Sour Mix
• Red Licorice Wheels + Black Licorice Wheels

Three of the four flavor combinations highlight the sweet/sour combination. Sour candy has taken over the candy trends in the past couple of years. While the flavor combination appeals to a younger generation, more and more brands are embracing that tangy side.

While these Fini Sweets offer two different flavors, the different textures are equally enjoyable. For example, the Neon Bears are a brightly colored gummy that is soft and chewy. But, the sour worms have a little more texture from the sour covering on the worm. It offers a nice contrast.

Personally, I am a fan of the Cinema Mix and the Little Sour Mix. The shapes of these gummies just make me smile. As I dig into the bag, it is like a surprise to see which shape is my next treat.

Overall, the best part of these candies is the idea that there is a sense of fun to each bag. While the contrast in flavors is enjoyable, the candies themselves focus on what candy should be, fun.

Whether it is the boldly colored neon bear or the gummy shapes of the Cinema Mix, each candy piece brings a smile. It isn’t about just throwing another candy in your mouth. Instead you tend to look at and even seek out a special candy to simply enjoy.

With the Fini Flip It candy coming to store shelves, it will be curious to see if other candy brands adopt this type of packaging. While these candies were show at the 2019 Sweets and Snacks Expo, it will be interesting to see how consumers respond to the new offering.

Giving how people like flavor options, this type of candy offering should be well received. Even though candy is a sometime snack, people want variety and fun. This candy definitely delivers on those two items.

The Fini Flip It will retail for $2.99 at various retailers.

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Forget decisions, with Fini Flip It you can have it all. Are you ready to open a bag?