Football stadiums feature more vegetarian friendly menus


Move over carnivores. Football stadiums are embracing vegetarian fans in a big way and these vegetarian friendly menus could have you ditching the meat.

Vegetarian friendly menus are becoming more prevalent. From fast food restaurants to the grocery aisle, plant based foods are everywhere. As football season beings, football stadiums are featuring more vegetarian menus. Are you ready to dig in?

The growth of plant based foods goes beyond people who follow a vegetarian lifestyle. Flexitarians see the benefit of adding more vegetable focused foods. As this food trend grows, chefs, companies and football stadiums are becoming more creative with these vegetable focused dishes.

As the football season kicks off, several new menu items caught FoodSided’s eye. From creative twists on classic dishes to bold flavors, these dishes topped our must try list.

Are you ready to take a bite? Here’s FoodSided’s top vegetarian menu choices for this football season.

Black Bean Spring Wrap at Paul Brown Stadium

This wrap packs a punch of flavor, starting with the wrap itself. The jalapeno cheddar wrap is filled with fresh cucumber salsa and lettuce. It is bright and refreshing.

Vegetarian Street Tacos at Broncos Stadium, photo provided by Aramark

Vegetarian Street Tacos at Broncos Stadium at Mile High

Cauliflower makes another appearance on a vegetarian friendly menu item. This dish gets its flavor from the roasted chipotle seasoning. Add some ranchero beans and condiments, these tacos will have you licking your lips. Are you hungry yet?

Vegan Po’ Boy at  Lincoln Financial Field

Usually a Po Boy isn’t vegetarian, but this version is definitely veggie friendly. The cripsy marinated tofu is a nice contrast to the vegan baguette. Plsy, with some creole Vegenaise and spicy pickles, even meat lovers will fall in love with this dish.

Cauliflower Wings at Arrowhead, photo provided by Aramark

Cauliflower Wings at Arrowhead Stadium

Cauliflower can be a great vegetable substitute. Since it absorbs so much flavor, it can satisfy like some of your favorite foods but it isn’t as guilty. These Cauliflower Wings are a great example.

The deep fried cauliflower is served with hot sauce and some curly fries. Even the biggest wing fan might be go vegetarian for this dish.

Vegan Chickpea “Tuna” Salad at U.S. Bank Stadium

Chefs are becoming more creative when it comes to finding a vegetarian twist on classic dishes. This “tuna” salad is a great example.

The chickpeas are blended with tahini, mustard and dill pickle. It has all the classic flavors and none of the tuna.

Chickpea Tuna Salad at US Bank Stadium, photo provided by Aramark

These vegetarian friendly menu items are just a few of the many football stadium food options being served this season. Many locations will be serving plant-based burgers, which has become a staple at most sporting events.

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What do you think of these vegetarian friendly menu items? Would one of these dishes entice you to skip the meat this season?