New Blaze Pizza gets a special delivery from Ron and it’s big


A new Blaze Pizza is coming and it is bigger than ever. Luckily, Ron, the company’s special delivery man, returned to make the announcement.

Are you a Blaze Pizza fan? Those 11-inch individual pizzas have become favorites with pizza fans. Whether you choose to build your own or one of the brand’s specialty pizzas, there is a pizza that satisfies that craving. Now, the popular quick, hot pizza has some ever bigger news.

The new 14-inch pizzas are big, big enough to share with a friend. While the size might be bigger, the pizza has all the same artisan qualities that fans have come to expect. Scratch-made dough, 100% real ingredients and served hot and fresh.

To kick off this big announcement, Ron, the company’s special delivery man, decided to make a few special deliveries. If you haven’t hear, Ron is actually LeBron James. Can you image a big pizza delivery from this bigger than life super star?

Just like this announcement was meant to disrupt your social media feed with a fun Twitter post, the pizza’s company’s decision to expand into 14-inch, large pizza category was meant to disrupt the pizza industry.

The pizza industry is quite crowded. From iconic brands to local mom and pop stores, everyone has a pizza type, brand and flavor that appeals to them. Trying to get a consumer to change their preference can be hard.

Many people are drawn to Blaze Pizza because of their handcrafted dough and innovative toppings. Basically, if you can dream a pizza, Blaze could probably make it. From build your own to the company’s specialty pizzas, these ideas are more than just pepperoni and cheese.

Pizza has become a way to explore flavor. Today, pizza can go from breakfast to dinner to midnight snack. By pushing the envelope on flavors and combinations, this brand can find its niche within the industry.

The decision to make a larger, shareable size is a smart choice. Whether it is a family dinner or a gathering with friends, the shareable aspect is both cost effective and fun. No one wants to feel pressure to eat an entire pizza on her own. With this version, you can satisfy your craving and yet not over indulge.

The new 14-inch shareable pizza will be available at participating Blaze Pizza locations.

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What is your favorite pizza topping? Would you be shocked if “Ron” showed up to deliver your pizza?