Blue wine makes a colorful statement about the pink tax


That rose all day is more costly than you realize. Thanks to this blue wine, everyone can learn a little more about the infamous pink tax.

While blue wine might make a stunning Instagram picture, that wine glass holds a very poignant point. Although everyone loves their rose all day, that perfectly pink pastel libation holds more than just a delicious sip. Have you heard of the pink tax?

According to Billie, a woman’s razor company, women’s “pink” razors are “marked up” 13% more than the average men’s razor. To put a spotlight on this pink tax, Billie wanted to make a very clear point by turning a pink product blue and reducing the price.

Recently, the Billie partnered with a wine to offer Chateadu de Blue. The blue wine was “13% cheaper than the average rose.” This special, limited edition, colorful wine sold out in just 8 hours.

Billie worked with a private wine maker to bring this limited edition, colorful wine to market. The wine sounded tasty. It was described as a California wine, with “notes of oak and blueberries.” While the “blue” was added to make the white wine colored, this wine was meant to make a statement, and it did.

Now, whether people bought this wine as a statement against the pink tax or because it was bright blue, remains to be seen. Still, the rapid sale of this wine raises a lot of interesting points regarding how, why and who buys wine.

Blue wine isn’t necessarily a new thing. Other winemakers have offered this colorful type of wine. A few years back, this particular colored wine was a huge thing.

Some people could have wanted to buy this wine strictly for the color. Just like people who buy wine based on a label. Color can be a deciding factor.

Other people could definitely have purchased this wine as a statement against the pink tax. Women consumers have a powerful voice. Companies need to be aware of and consider women consumers. No consumer group should be alienated by a gender specific higher cost scenario.

Although I didn’t get one of these blue wines, the point of this promotion is valid. Whether or not the wine is impeccable isn’t the point. The purpose was to have people talk about the pink tax and it was accomplished.

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What do you think of this blue wine and the notion of a pink tax? Was this event a start way to raise awareness about this issue?