Dining out doesn’t have to come with a side of stress


Dining out with friends or a loved one can be a perfect evening. Why is this fun event causing some people to be stressed out?

Why would dining out come with a side of stress? A tasty dinner, amazing conservation and even a bit a laughter sounds like an amazing event. But, some people look at the dining invitation and instantly get stressed out. What is causing the ruckus?

According to a recent survey commissioned by Trunk Club, a personally styling service, “65% of those surveyed said they felt overwhelmed when choosing what outfit to wear to a restaurant.” Additionally, the survey found that “one-third of those studied believe choosing what to wear is more difficult than deciding where to eat.”

This survey brings up some interesting thoughts. While foodies might obsess about the trendiest foods, perfect food Instagram picture and hottest celebrity chef, sometimes food doesn’t drive where they eventually eat dinner. Could lack of a great outfit really have a person pass up an amazing dining opportunity?

Sure there are times when you know that a meal is going to be a food extravaganza. Think about a family holiday feast. Of course, you will want some stretchy pants for that occasion.

When it comes to a lovely dinner out, does that outfit really make or break the experience? According to this survey, the outfit at least has some impact.

Granted, the choice to wear voluminous sleeves might not be the best choice for a fondue restaurant. Or, a short skirt might not be suited for a Japanese restaurant where you sit on the floor. Still, it isn’t like most restaurants have dress codes anymore (remember that horrible jacket and tie rule?)

Still, there is something to be said about this survey. It isn’t necessarily the concept that a “perfect” outfit is necessary for an amazing dining out experience. Instead, people need to feel confident about themselves, no matter the situation.

In some ways, the right outfit can just make you feel better about yourself. If having the right outfit makes a restaurant meal more enjoyable, than by all means make sure you have the right outfit. But, don’t overly stress out about the clothes, or anything else.

Whether you use a styling service like Trunk Club or just build some inner confidence in yourself, the outfit doesn’t make the dining out special, the people around the table make it enjoyable. Skip the stress, grab a fork and spark a conservation.

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Have you avoided dining out because you didn’t have the “right” outfit? What impacts your decisions to eat out?