Is Grubhub’s e-Sports partnership a sign of tastier things to come?


It’s National Video Games Day!  To celebrate, Grubhub has partnered with Twitch and Mixer to give you a chance to win free food delivery.

Food and video games just go together. There’s nothing more satisfying than celebrating a Fortnite victory with a handful of french fries or onion rings — especially if you didn’t even have to leave your house to get them.

Grubhub has become a champion in the food delivery game, adding more and more restaurants and locations to their service to provide customers around the country a quality dining experience no matter where they’re ordering from.

Now, the ‘hub is celebrating National Video Games Day with a partnership no one expected … but perhaps one we should have seen coming.

By watching streamers such as Viss and ChocoTaco, hungry gamers will have the chance to win free food delivery on any order. Fans just have to tune in and pay attention to guess players’ orders and share their own go-to grubs while watching various streams.

This promotion lasts only one day, so make sure you tune in and get ready to order!

But even though National Video Games Day only lasts 24 hours, you can bet there will be more campaigns like this in the very near future.

It’s likely this won’t be the last we see of promotional partnerships between companies like Grubhub and Twitch. As the esports industry grows, massive nationwide and global tournaments will be looking for sponsors — and it could go even more “niche” than that.

This Video Games Day campaign involves several handfuls of “real” gamers with significant followings on social media. What better way to reach potential hungry customers than to advertise food delivery through internet celebrities?

We’re already seeing this happen a lot on podcasts and in YouTube videos from services like Postmates. Pretty soon we’ll probably see more popular streamers like Viss and ChocoTaco acting as brand ambassadors for Grubhub, showing off their deliveries on live streams and offering promo codes for discounts.

Grubhub has really stepped up its marketing efforts in the past several years. In addition to partnering with various well-known companies outside of the restaurant and fast food industry, the service also recently launched a rewards program that allows customers to earn discounts and other perks as they order food through the app.

There’s really no reason they won’t continue pairing up with various business across the spectrum to attract as many hungry customers to their service as possible.

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What’s your go-to gaming food? Tell us what you’d order from Grubhub to make more time for one more game.