Texas State Fair brings new inventive food creations this year


The Texas State Fair is no exception to the rule that fairs bring out the most bizarre (and possibly tastiest) food experiences.

The Texas State Fair is coming soon, and as is tradition with all fairs across the country, all manners of bizarre and tasty food, most of it fried, will be available to fairgoers.

While last year our site put together a list of Texas State Fair must-haves, part of the fun of the fair experience is that there’s far too much to see and eat in one trip.

According to BigTex.com, there will be a variety of new food items in 2019, some of which FoodSided will look at in more detail.

Cajun Crab Bombs

Served at the Gulf Coast Grill, these bring together shrimp and crab meat into a yummy hush puppy experience.

Jumbo lump shrimp meat and backfin crab meat are blended together with egg, panko and seasonings, with a jumbo shrimp serving as a fuse. They are then topped with fish fry batter and Cajun seasoning before fried a delicious golden brown.

If you enjoy seafood, this looks like something that should definitely be tried.

Deep Fried Chicken Cordon Bleu Stuffed Waffles

Served at Scrumbscious Pieshakes, this starts with a fried chicken cutlet, then has prosciutto stuffed inside, with Swiss cheese melted in. Then that is placed inside a Belgian waffle and dusted with sugar, and served with a chipotle dipping sauce.

This might be too much of a meal, perhaps, considering that there’s not only the chicken, but also the waffle. On the other hand, it sounds amazing, and the chipotle sauce would be a nice contrast to the sweetness of the waffle, and considering how much walking a fair involves, those extra calories might not be entirely wasteful.

PB and J Bacon PIckle Dog

Served at Benavides, this is a dill pickle slice that is rolled in batter and fried, then placed on a Hawaiian hot dog bun, drizzled with peanut butter, and then finished off with a bacon jam.

This sounds nuts, but worth trying. The sourness and juiciness of the pickle would make an interesting contrast with the crispy batter, especially. Slightly melted peanut butter doesn’t seem like it would work quite as well with the sweetness of the Hawaiian roll bun, but we would certainly give this a try.

Deep Fried Nutella Custard Stuffed French Toast

Another of Scrumbscious Pieshakes’ offerings, this is pretty straightforward for a fairgoing snack: Two slices of French toast filled with Nutella, topped with homemade vanilla custard and smoked bacon crumbles. The French toast is also drenched in a delicious coating of several cereals, topped with whipped cream and a lemonade puree featuring blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.

Whether this is worthwhile or not depends on your opinion of French toast in general, but Nutella is always winning option, and the outside coating of cereal crumbs with the whipped cream and fruit blend sounds appealing.

Given how rich this description sounds, you’ll probably want to share this one with a friend.

Champagne Jell-O Hot Shot

Served at Bailey’s Deli, this is a 3.25 alcoholic mix of sweet and heat. Champagne, Chablis and watermelon-flavored Jell-O are combined in this treat, garnished with slices of jalapeno peppers.

This could be a good way to relax from the noise and clamor of the fair experience.

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Of course, for most of America the Texas State Fair means the Red River Showdown football game at the Cotton Bowl on Saturday, October 12, as the Texas Longhorns and the Oklahoma Sooners both vie for supremacy in the Big 12.

For more information about both squads, see our fellow FanSided Network sites Hook ‘Em Headlines and Stormin’ in Norman for more details and analysis.